Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

This ancient Willow tree is on a golf course nearby.  It has become distorted over the many years of its life, with bumps, bulges, lines, holes, and twists.  I don’t think of the distortion as ugly.  Rather, I think it gives the Willow character, definition, and a certain beauty.  There is great texture to its bark.  The grooves, lines and various bulges on the bark catch the light, making it appear as a massive grey sculpture, worthy of an art gallery showing.  The holes and bulges in the Willow provide a sanctuary for birds and small animals.

The Willow captures more attention than the younger trees on the course, and rightly so.  It’s earned it!


The old Willow tree.

The old Willow tree.

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46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

    • You got it! That was my underlying thought…but I didn’t put it on the post. As we age, we get grooves, lines, bumps and bulges. We have character, but we’re still beautiful. We’ve also got stories to tell, just like that tree does; in the name of experience and wisdom.
      Listen to us; respect us.
      Thanks! My thoughts exactly!

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  2. that’s a great photo Judy.

    the old willow tree must have so much stories to tell.
    distorted could be the view of the tree for it stands in one spot
    seeing the stories unfold in a certain way.
    if the tree could move about, the stories would be different .
    but fore sure, there would be a lot of wonderful stories.

  3. Your tree reminds me of some people – bumped and weathered in life with the lines and years to show it, and therefore very interesting and worthy of one’s respect. 🙂

    • You got it! I didn’t want to come right out and say it in the post….but that was my thinking! 😉 Give oldies like me respect! yay! 🙂

  4. There’s something charismatic about old trees despite the bulges, bumps and twists. They have been there for a pretty long time witnessing quite a lot of incidents and moments. This venerable tree is beautiful, Judy!

    Even my daughter is admiring your tree now. 🙂

    • Bindu….thank you very much! So much character…with the bulges, bumps, etc. (kind of like me as I age!) tee hee 😉 I love that your daughter is looking at it too. Lots of good places for birds and small animals to seek comfort and safety there.

  5. Hi dear Judy… hope you are doing well…. it has been so long i dint check out your blog because of some stuff… i missed you and many other blogger friends a lot …. i hope i will be in touch with you from my cell as my lappy is away from me from many days… :-(… now i ll read the posts.

    • Khushbu! How nice it is to hear from you, my friend! I’ve missed you too. What a wonderful surprise! You made my day! I am well, I do hope you are too. I know you must be busy. So glad you can come back when you get the chance! xo

  6. You’re right! It does have lots of character and it is beautiful.

    I guess that’s another reason why photographers like capturing old people like me, because we also have lots of character.

    • Well, Tess, I didn’t come right out in the post and say it….but that was what I was thinking! When we get older, we may not have the smooth skin as we did when we were younger; we have lines, bumps, bulges, grooves, etc. But we are still beautiful. We should be respected for living our life and for what we have to offer for the experiences we’ve had, and the wisdom we can offer. That tree has stories to tell, and so do those of us who have lived past our youth. Listen to us; respect us.

    • Me too….I’m just plain in love with trees! When the wind was raging the other night, I was worried about losing trees in the woods. They are my “babies”! Thanks….I do love this one, too, it has a special beauty.

    • Margie, thank you!….you hit it on the nose! I didn’t say it in the post…but that was my underlying thought. We may have lines, grooves and bulges, but we are still beautiful. And we’ve got experience and wisdom from living those years; stories we can tell, just like that tree has stories to tell! Listen to us; respect us.

  7. This is such a unique tree! Lumps and bumps all over it…this tree has seen some things. 🙂 When I was a kid and would see a tree that looked odd like this, with weird lumps, I’d always think of it as a “sick tree” and wouldn’t often dare to touch it for fear of getting sick, myself. Not much logic there, but I was a little kid. 😉

    Great photo!

    • Good to see you, Nalaik Panda! Scary? Noooo….it’s beautiful, with lots of character! I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The closer I get to looking like this tree…the more I see beauty in things with wrinkles, bumps and bulges. 😉 It does look like Sleepy Hollow!

  8. Such a fascinating, mysterious yet generous tree. I used to recite a poem about the Willow tree as a boy…I forgot the words but now I’m reminded by its intricate beauty. have a great day…

    • Thank you…I love Willows too. I like what you say: “fascinating, mysterious, yet generous tree”….cool! Thanks for sharing that!

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