We finally got enough snow last weekend for snowshoeing.   I was so excited to strap on my “shooz” !

My snowshoes and me trekking through the woods.

The snow was not as deep or as fluffy as I’d like, but I figured this might be my only chance this year!

A beautiful day in the woods...

It was a lovely day to be out.  It was so peaceful. The only sound I heard was the swoosh, swoosh of my snowshoes, and the occasional bird call.

Animal tracks.

Lots of animal tracks criss-cross our yard in the snow.  Deer, rabbits, squirrels and turkeys are the most common ones.

The end of a nice walk.....

Now that I’ve enjoyed winter, and finally used my snowshoes….there’s just one more thing I want to do!

Beach babe!

Time to hit the Beach!  😉

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32 thoughts on “Snowshooz!

    • Awww, thank you Xandre! I don’t think I’ve made one in several years. I made them with our kids, and also when teaching, when I had recess duty, but it’s been a while! I got my exercise! The snow was very heavy and wet!

  1. Looks like a fun day… Spent about six years in Vail / Aspen area [Miss it everyday] and snowshoeing was a popular activity [And not nearly as dangerous as skiing / snowboarding]. There is something very special and peaceful when you’re snowshoeing through a quiet area of the forest… Have a great weekend!

    • I heard tonight that some areas of the Sierra Mountains got 6 feet of snow overnight! yikes! 11″ is a lot too. I know what you mean about cold. I have two nieces who live in S.D. Beautiful there!

    • It was fun, Jim. In fact, I’m hoping for more before spring arrives. There’s still time for you, too! I fear climate changes have altered our winter weather here. We used to get deep snows a couple of times a year, with smaller snowstorms in between. It’s rare to get 18″-20+” of snow in a storm anymore. Sad.

  2. “Now that I’ve enjoyed winter, and finally used my snowshoes….” How long did that last? That cracked me up. Sounds something like the non-winter we’vehaving. Five minutes of snow and we’re done.

    At least you got to enjoy your snowshoes. Funny.

    • hahaha….I didn’t realize how funny that sounded, Tess! Thanks for giving me a laugh! Now that I’ve enjoyed winter! lol
      I was probably posting at midnight, half asleep. You are cracking me up! I was just responding to another blogger that I hope we get more snow so I can go again! I guess I should really READ my posts! I’m giving out mixed messages! Thanks for the laugh!

    • Oh no! Over a foot! Wow….and my snow has disappeared due to temperatures rising to 50+, along with massive downpours! ick. I’d rather have snow. (but not shovel it!) Hope you can put your feet up this weekend..

    • I’d like another snowfall so I can “shoe” again. But then, yes…I’m ready to see someplace warm! Winter gets long after so many months!
      Thanks, Sheila!

  3. that’s an adorable snow girl Judy!
    totally cool. I love the pink bandanna
    and the sunflower sandals.

    I wish for snow in Maldives 🙂
    The way things are unfolding here,
    anything is possible. So I wish …

    • I do hope things work out soon in Maldives. I was reading about it on the internet news. So sad to have so much turmoil. I’m sure things will settle down soon. I just hope it’s an administration that will treat the people of Maldives well.

      Thank you for your kind words about Snow Girl! She DID look cute! I’ve sent photos every day to my daughter’s 1st grade classroom, showing how she is slowly vanishing with the warmer temperatures, rain and wind. The children have written back and guessed how many days it will take for her to completely melt away! It’s been a fun project!

    • Thanks! It was a fun day. But our snow is down to just an inch now. Not enough for snowshoes anymore. It’s been a very mild winter. I’ll cross my fingers it snows for you!

    • Wow…I’ll bet! I’ve never used them in waist deep snow! This was the shortest snowfall I’ve used them in…but I decided it’s now or never for this year! We are far behind in snow totals, which does not fare well for our Great Lakes. They depend on high snow and rain totals, or their water levels will drop, again. BTW….I love Wyoming! Beautiful state! You have such differences in topography across the state. Makes it so interesting.

  4. YES YES ! You finally went snowshoeing ! Hurray ! What a fun photo of your snowshoes ! And I love the photo of them against the rock wall, this is such a beautiful wall. Is it on your property ? I love rocks and would love to have a wall like this one. You made me laugh with your beach babe and her sandals ! So funny !

    • I tried to replicate your photo of your GORGEOUS wicker? wood? snowshoes standing against a beautiful barn! It doesn’t have the same effect with lime green metal snowshoes!
      The stoney area is part of one of the Prairie style piers on our porch. We are crazy about Frank Lloyd Wright and love Craftsman, Prairie and Arts and Crafts home styles. When we built the house we incorporated some of those features into it. (it’s not real rock tho) Snow Lady is quickly disappearing with our rain and warmer temps, she’s nearly lost her head now. 😉

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