Christmas in New York~

Hello to my fellow bloggers!  I’m sorry for my long absence.  I’ve missed all of you and missed reading your blogs too.

I was unfortunate enough to get the flu twice.  But then I was really fortunate to fly to NYC with some girlfriends last week!

I’m sharing some of the New York City holiday spirit with you today.  And I’m wishing all of you a very, very wonderful holiday with those you love.  Enjoy!
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Approaching Manhattan on the Staten Island Ferry.

Approaching Manhattan on the Staten Island Ferry.

The Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree.

Looking down a row of angels toward the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree.

Huge red ornaments sit on a fountain in front of a business in New York.

Huge red ornaments piled on a fountain in front of a business in New York.

"Believe" sparkles on the side of Macy's Department Store.

“Believe” sparkles on the side of Macy’s Department Store.

Sending love and Blessings to you and yours this holiday season….

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Christmas at the Durham~

Hello dear blog readers!
This evening we are going to the Durham Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Durham Museum was originally the city’s train station, called: Union Station.  Union Station was built between 1929-1931, when it began serving railroad passengers.  It continued as a train station until the early 1970’s, when it was closed.  At that time it became the Western Heritage Museum, with a small regional display of artifacts.  A large renovation took place in 1995, at which time the present Durham Museum opened its doors with a larger display of different modes of transportation, local historical displays, a gift shop and more.

The Durham is designed in the Art Deco fashion.  Note the ceiling, wall and lighting designs in the photo below; all popular during the Art Deco period.

Christmas at the Durham Museum, Omaha, NE.

I will post more photos of the Durham Museum in the upcoming weeks.
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Gift tags to make~

Dear readers……
I know time is getting short….and I should have posted this craft months ago.  Perhaps you can tuck it away until next year if this week is too crazy!

I made the gift tags with a smaller, round tag attached for the name of the recipient and gifter.  The small, round tags are attached at the top of the rectangular tag with string, crochet yarn, or thin ribbon.  You should be able to see both tags in the photos.
This way I can reuse the larger tag and just attach a new circle tag next year.

Gift Tags 
Materials needed:
1. Anything you can find around the house!
2. construction paper, scrapbook paper, old notes or envelopes with interesting colors, last year’s Christmas cards, or extra cards, fabric, magazines, catalogs, handmade paper, stickers, buttons, old pins (remove pin back), old photos (make copies), plain paper
3. glitter, embossing powder (opt)
4. stamps and stamp pads
5. scissors, paper cutter (opt)
6. circle cutter..(opt)
7. markers, pens
8. Happy Tape….colorful tape to use in your tag design
9. hole punch

1. find a tag pattern, or make your own.  Using construction paper or solid color scrapbook paper, make a rectangle the size you desire and snip the top corners off.  Punch a hole in the center top and you are ready to start.  You can also purchase blank tags in craft or scrapbook stores.
2. If you have a circle cutter, you can cut circles from magazines, catalogs, solid color paper or patterned paper.  These are for the small tag with TO: and FROM: on it.  I made them double sided, as I used magazine paper for color on the front.  I backed it with a solid color so my writing would be legible.  This is an option.  You may just want to make the rectangular tag.
3. You can cut pieces of magazines and catalogs that have the colors you desire.  I quickly went through catalogs and cut out blankets, quilts, tablecloths, etc.  Then later I cut them to size.
4. Now the fun begins: use your creativity to combine magazine/catalog clippings, paper, old cards, ribbon, and anything you can find to make the tags your own.

tags using catalog clippings, handmade paper, stickers, scrapbook paper

catalog clippings, Happy Tape, scrapbook paper, buttons

scrapbook paper, catalog clippings, stickers

Happy Tape (2 kinds/one over the other), scrapbook paper, sticker

Click here for the Happy Tape link.  (ps….check out the sale page.  Great deals!)
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A Tiny Christmas Idea~

Good evening dear readers!

When I was in Chicago I found a little Christmas item I just had to share with you.  Crate and Barrel had miniature replicas of what I would call Mercury Glass ornaments.  They have that “old silver look” to them and they are breakable, as some were broken in the bin.  However, I don’t think they are real Mercury Glass.  On the tag it says: “Antique Glass”.   They are $1.99 each.

Whatever the case may be……I just love them!  There are all sorts of uses for them…..attach them to a napkin ring, tie them on a present, put a few in a glass bowl with battery operated lights, hang them on a mini tree, place them on a mirror with a few greens and a candle for a table centerpiece~etc.

I’m going to use them for place “cards” at the brunch table on Christmas morning.  I’ll attach tags with my family’s names to each one.  (as my family reads this blog….they now know!!)




Aren’t they cute?  Click here for the link to Crate & Barrel’s site.

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Chicago at Christmas~ part 2

Hello loyal blog readers!

Today I have a few more photos of Chicago for you.  Remember, these were taken through the car windows…..and would have turned out better, had I been on the outside of the car….running alongside my husband as he drove!  😉     Enjoy~

nearing the Chicago River drawbridge, notice the mix of old and new buildings....

looking out over the Chicago River with more Christmas lights & the reflection of the building on the left in the windows of the building on the right....

Chicago's Michigan Avenue, known as the "Magnificent Mile" of shopping and restaurants.....

...the John Hancock Center is the 4th tallest building in Chicago, scraping the sky at 100 stories. It's the black one with the X's on the sides.....

........a close-up comparison of an old building and a new one in Chicago.......

Thanks for visiting….come back again!

Chicago at Christmas~

Hello to my favorite blog readers…..
I promised you some photos from Christmastime in Chicago,  and I have some for you tonight.

Chicago is the third largest city, by population,  in the USA, following NYC and Los Angeles.
To me..the best part about Chicago’s Michigan Avenue “Magnificent Mile”,  besides great shopping, are the lines on both sides of the road of lighted trees from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  The trees make the whole avenue sparkle and twinkle with light!  The buildings are also decorated, so the whole area has quite a festive feeling.
Because parking is difficult, and it was getting late, we just drove down Michigan Avenue this time, and continued on our way home.  My photos are not as I’d like them… they were all taken from the car!  I needed red lights so the car would stop and I could get photos without blur…..would you believe we had mostly GREEN lights?  lol   Murphy’s Law, I guess.   Perhaps you could squint your eyes as you view the photos….and then you won’t notice the blur.  I hope you enjoy them anyway!

sunset with a vertical "sun ray"....look closely...over an old train bridge..

.....the former Sear's Tower, now the Willis Tower, reflecting the sunset....

the Water Tower Place. (short white bldg) A great 8 story downtown "mall"...Note the lighted trees.'s a good look at the trees on Michigan Ave......

....another look at trees....(remember to squint your eyes, now!)

......yet more trees.. 😉 this time by the Ann Taylor store....

....there is a banner here that says: "'tis the season to visit"...

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Chicago in December!  Chicago is also a great place to go in other seasons.  In the summer they offer the Blues’ Festival and The Taste of Chicago; there are wonderful museums and a great Art Institute.  Shedd Aquarium and the zoos are fantastic places for children and adults.  Of course, Chicago is right on the edge of Lake Michigan, with running paths, sandy beaches and parks.  I could go on and on…….plan a visit to Chicago sometime and see for yourself!

Good night all!  Thanks for visiting~

How about a Red Pepper Holiday?

Hello readers!

I have been in Chicago for a few days.  I hope to post some photos very soon of Michigan Avenue (the Miracle Mile of stores!).  I love this area at Christmastime, because all the trees in front of the stores are lit with white lights.  It’s really lovely.

Tonight’s post: How about a Red Pepper Holiday?  Last winter when I was in New Mexico I bought a ristra.   A ristra a way to dry peppers for cooking.  The people who sell them usually tie them together and make a wreath or a long string of peppers.  Now they have become so popular for decorations, that many people just hang them inside or outside their homes.  You have to admit that bright red color is beautiful.  If you aren’t going to eat them, they spray it with a clear glossy coat that enhances the color.


I like a little spice, but not a lot.  I prefer my spice on the wall or the door!!  Not in my food!! 😉

On Pinterest one day I noticed a photo of a ristra wreath with a holiday ribbon on it.  I liked the idea so well,  I changed up mine with a Christmas ribbon too.

See you soon, and thanks for stopping to visit~