Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

This ancient Willow tree is on a golf course nearby.  It has become distorted over the many years of its life, with bumps, bulges, lines, holes, and twists.  I don’t think of the distortion as ugly.  Rather, I think it gives the Willow character, definition, and a certain beauty.  There is great texture to its bark.  The grooves, lines and various bulges on the bark catch the light, making it appear as a massive grey sculpture, worthy of an art gallery showing.  The holes and bulges in the Willow provide a sanctuary for birds and small animals.

The Willow captures more attention than the younger trees on the course, and rightly so.  It’s earned it!


The old Willow tree.

The old Willow tree.

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Anyone home?

Our bird house sits in a small garden near the entry to our home.  There is a pond, a bird bath, and right behind is the Japanese Maple tree I’ve mentioned in an earlier post.   Every year we have a family of birds who move into the house and don’t seem to mind our activity level in that area!   I like to think about what Mother Bird might say to Father Bird when they move in.  Would she say: Oh, my dear!  This is the perfect home for us!  It’s near a pond and a public bath.  There are berries available on the nearby tree.  And you know~ I’ve always wanted a house with a picket fence!   ❤