Canyon View

Dear Blogger Friends….

I’m on a trip in the Southwest U.S.   Today I’m sharing a photo of the Grand Canyon with you.   I will return shortly.

I apologize for not answering comments and visiting blogs.  I’ll play catch-up when I get a chance.

I have taken 1000 photos so far!   So, I’ll have lots of images to share with you!

Take care….


A view of the Grand Canyon

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

This ancient Willow tree is on a golf course nearby.  It has become distorted over the many years of its life, with bumps, bulges, lines, holes, and twists.  I don’t think of the distortion as ugly.  Rather, I think it gives the Willow character, definition, and a certain beauty.  There is great texture to its bark.  The grooves, lines and various bulges on the bark catch the light, making it appear as a massive grey sculpture, worthy of an art gallery showing.  The holes and bulges in the Willow provide a sanctuary for birds and small animals.

The Willow captures more attention than the younger trees on the course, and rightly so.  It’s earned it!


The old Willow tree.

The old Willow tree.

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She’s a Survivor

She’s a survivor.  She was born in the cold weather and left to die.  She has endured more than many of her kind, but still lives on.  Fragile?  Not her.  She shows her strength every day in many ways.  Her family did not live to see her attain this stage of life.   They died soon after she was born.  Growing against all odds, she stretches taller, fighting for air, warmth and companionship.  She is lonely, but she does not let that stop her from continuing to persevere.  She is a dreamer.  She dreams of beauty one day…..and to dance in the sun.

Some would say she is ugly, grotesque even.  True, she shows scars from her battles with raging forces.  Scars where there is usually smooth softness.  Mottled color where a lovely palette of color should be.  But she is not ugly, she is beautiful.

The scars are all on the outside.  But inside, is she so different than her sisters, cousins, or those like her anywhere in the world?  Not in the least.  Inside she is as perfect as any of her kind, anywhere in the world.  For her inner beauty is what is important when she opens her arms to the sun.   She stands strong, resilient against the forces.  Waiting for the warmth and the sun.  She’s a survivor.


This is a rosebud (and my story character!) found Saturday, December 31st, 2011.  She’s made it through 10″ of heavy snow, ice storms, high wind and torrents of rain.   She’s made it this far.  I know she’ll make it well into 2012!  What tenacity!  We can learn from this little rosebud that won’t give up!


Good night dear bloggers!
Happy first day of 2012!! ❤