Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Pleasure


the pleasures of the beach....

One of the simple pleasures in life for me, is sitting on the beach and watching the undulating ocean waves as they roll onto the sandy shore.  It’s peaceful and serene and it evokes a feeling of meditation.  The lofty gliding and dipping of the sea gulls and pelicans continue that theme.  Their soaring and floating on air is relaxing to observe.  Sitting very still, I can become one with nature.

I have always loved the beach.  The smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of
the waves, all combine to create a sense of peace and calm.    ~anonymous


Have a good Sunday!

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46 thoughts on “Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Pleasure

  1. I have been feeling so good today because the sun is out and the temperature is up to 40º. Your place definitely looks better!

    • Ahh…well “my place” is Michigan! The photo is FL!! We were on vacation last summer there! Wish I was there now! 😉 I think we got to 40 today here too! 😉 Don’t feel bad!

    • Russel Ray….have you walked on Florida’s sand in mid-July? lol I love the feel of sand under my feet…but Florida’s sand is blistering hot in the summer!

      • Hahaha…you are too funny! But the tide was out….. 😉 Long ways from the water to the sidewalk! I would have no skin on the bottom of my feet! tee hee… I understand what you’re saying!

    • That’s the story I’m sticking with, Judy! 😉 I do love the beach, especially this one in FL. I wouldn’t mind a week or two there right now!

    • I sure wish I did live by a beach! That was a trip to FL last summer. I’m totally jealous of anyone who lives near water! Lucky you!

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  3. I spent the weekend at the seaside. The weather wasn’t fantastic, but I had the sea just outside my door, so I loved it!!!! Will post some photo’s of my weekend later this week, for the moment I’m just too tired. 🙂

  4. Just like you, the beach gives me a sense of refuge, a place of calmness and healing, even fun and laughter. Beautiful photo. Love the added feet.. feels like we were there watching the waves…feeling the sun…drinking cold drinks….wonderful!

  5. Hi Judy, Great post! Although temperature here rose to 50, your post has really put me in the mood for a holiday. Best beaches in Europe tend to be in and around the Mediterranean sea although there are a few on the north west coast of Scotland.

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    • Hi diggingher! All your comments were in spam. I’ll need to write Akismet again. I like your “Pleasure” photos! Such fun! Thanks for your comment here.

  7. Hi there Judy. I really love the beach and am fortunate to live within a short 10 minute drive to the ocean. Lucky me!
    I am interested to see whether this comment ends in your spam folder.

    • Ten minutes? oh I’m swooning with envy! How wonderful.
      Yes….you were in my spam. I’ll have to contact Akismet again. I did it before and everything was fine for about 3 weeks. This business with regular bloggers going into spam had never happened until about 5 weeks ago. I don’t understand what happened to start causing it.

    • You and me both, Adriana! How are you? I have to get over to your blog and see what you’ve been up to. Whew. Not enough hours in a day. ;(

  8. I too love the beach. I am lucky enough to live a 45 minute drive to the Pacific. Every once in a while I feel the need to get back to the Ocean. It is such tonic for the soul. the sounds, the sights..the warm sand between my toes….Rapture…..Great post. It was like I was back at the Beach, Thanks.

    • Hi strawberry! I am totally jealous! I wish I lived 45 mins from the ocean! Although I’m 2 hours from Lake Michigan, which appears as large as a sea. So we get our “fix” by going there! Thanks for your comments!

    • Okay…now I’m wailing with jealousy! I love San Fran and San Diego….how nice! My bro lives SW of SF. It’s so lovely out there. I’m 2 hours from Lake Michigan….one of our 5 freshwater seas. It feels like the ocean due to the vastness of water, but unless there’s a Gale Warning, the waves aren’t ocean-sized. 😉 Enjoy SD!

  9. The last photos I saw here was when you went snowshoeing, so when I saw this one it reminded me of the photo of your feet in your snowshoes. It’s fun to compare the two photos ! Hee ! Hee !
    I like this photo because without the toes it would be a completely different photo and we wouldn’t have the same perspective at all. It reminds me of an article I read on a blog where the person was talking about what to include in the image or what to exclude when we take a photo and I like that you included your toes ! (Or is it your’s ?!)
    This photo is very well done Judy, it gives a sense of anticipation and excitement for the coming summer !

    • Oh thanks, Jocelyne! Yep, those are my long, skinny toes! I love the comparison to my snowshoes!! haha My family has a habit of taking photos of feet/shoes in landscapes. The whole thing started with my son’s photo of his hiking boots and a background of a beautiful mountain vista.

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