A Cool Day at Lake Michigan

My husband and I spent a few hours driving along the west coast of Michigan several days ago.  The skies were a clear, deep blue, and the water was a very icy blue!  Snow was piled at the edge of the beach, deep in some places; the wind was
strong, but the sun was bright and warm on our backs.

We decided to stop at Tunnel Park, near the town of Holland, MI.   At Tunnel Park,
you can walk through a tunnel in the dunes to get to the beach, or you can climb over the dunes on the wooden stairway.  We chose to climb.  Unfortunately, the stairs were
mostly covered with snow, so we had to grip the railing and use a “hand over hand” method of pulling ourselves up the steps!  The other choice would have been to slip backwards down the stairway!  It was good exercise!

And indeed….the view at the top, and down the other side of the dune was worth it!


Climbing over the dune at Tunnel Park, Holland, MI.

Climbing over the dune at Tunnel Park, Holland, MI.









Beautiful Lake Michigan.

Beautiful Lake Michigan.










Looking up from the beach..

Looking up from the beach..










I hope you enjoyed our cool Lake Michigan trip!   After all, it’s not spring yet here!

Thanks for bearing with my infrequent posts as I struggle to keep up two blogs and
one photo class….a second photo class begins soon.  I appreciate all of you!


If you’re interested in seeing my classwork…my other blog is:


Thanks for visiting!  Hugs to all….xoxo

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14 thoughts on “A Cool Day at Lake Michigan

  1. I’ve always been amazed by how huge the dunes are by Lake Michigan – much taller and steeper than any other dunes I’ve ever been around. They’re like mountains. The blue sky is beautiful with the snow and ice on the water.

    • I know…those dunes are amazing! Michigan does lag behind most states for “sunny” days per year, but when the sun is out and the skies are gloriously blue like that….we feel so blessed! And to be by the lake that same day… the planets all collided, I guess! It was perfect!

  2. Good luck on your next class Judy! I know you will do great 🙂 and thanks for sharing with us your trip! You took me on a ride during my lunch break at work. If only California had snow like this. Well at least that gives me the chance to travel to the east coast and see it 🙂

    • Ahhhh and all I want to do is go to Cali!! My bro lives south of San Fran…and we plan to visit them this year again. I love it out there! I have two nieces in San Diego too. Gorgeous state! I love going to the state parks, etc…

    • Thanks so much Tess. It’s always SOO good to see you! I’ve got my PF Flyers on my feet so I can go between both blogs a little faster! lol We’ll see how that works!

    • It wasn’t too bad, Jim. But I wanted to make it look steep! 😉 On the east side of the dune, the stairs were covered by snow…that climb, was very difficult…we could get no grip on the steps! We could only use our hands on the iron railing to pull ourselves up the slippery snowy slope! Once in awhile I’d see a portion of a step and welcomed the break!

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