Making Valentine Cards ‚̧

Valentine’s Day is coming soon….so I have a craft for you! ūüėČ
Today I’ll show you two Valentine cards…one is a very simple design, the second one is a Pop-Up card.¬†Both cards use the same dimensions: 11″ x 4 “. ¬† That way they will fit inside a business envelope.


THESE ARE POP-UP CARDS....also easy!

Materials you’ll need for both cards:
1. scrapbook paper: solid color, or with a faint pattern~or~ construction paper.  Both can be purchased at dollar stores, or discount stores.
2. scissors
3. glue….any glue is fine.
4. markers, pens, colored pencils or crayons
5. sentences/headline words from newspapers, comics, other colored paper, wrapping paper, old notecards
6. free downloads, print paper and cut to fit ¬†(I’ve given you the links below)
7. Optional: stickers, glitter, Happy Tape**, stamping supplies, doilies
**Happy Tape is a decorative tape used for scrapbooking, cards, invitations, etc. ¬†click here for the site. ¬†Or you may be able to find specialty tape in stores. ¬†It’s optional.

LINKS for¬†Free downloads… these links are from creative commons’ sites. They are free for your own personal use, however you cannot sell them. (commercial use).
Magnets for the Eiffel Tower
Vintage photos, letters, newspaper, postcards
Vintage Valentines
Modern Heart clip art

Card A…..the Simple card.
‚ô• Choose your paper and cut it to size (11″ x 4 “).
Fold your paper in half.
♥ Use prints from the download links I gave you above.  Cut them to fit, turn them at an angle, cut part of one out, put another color paper behind the choose!  If you print them in B&W, use them that way or use colored pencils or crayons to give them color. ~OR~
‚ô• Use scrap paper, sentences/headline words from newspapers, wrapping paper, solid colored paper, comics to decorate
‚ô• Think about the inside too….write the words you want, glue decorations inside the card.
‚ô• You can decorate the left side of the envelope too, as long as it doesn’t make it too thick, or sticky.

Card B…..The POP-UP Card.
*Cut your paper the same as Card A…11″ x 4″.
*This time you will also cut an 8″ x 4″ section for the Pop Up. ¬†Use the same or different color paper for the pop up part.
* Fold the 11″ x 4″ paper in half.
* Fold the 8″ x 4″ section in half, then in half again…it should be folded into 4 equal parts. ¬†See my photo below.




Now you are ready to decorate the outside and inside of your card (same as Card A).
There is just one important rule about Pop-Up cards!
When you glue your chosen item on the Pop-up section….remember to glue it on the part that faces the person when they open the card. ¬†Do not glue it across the fold of the pop up. ¬†Just glue it on the left side and let it “hang over” the fold. ¬†See my photo below.

HERE’S THE INSIDE JOB!! ¬†THE SIMPLE CARDS are in the foreground. ¬†THE POP-UP CARDS are in the back. Note the placement of items on the Pop -Up sections. ¬†Glue them on the left side of the Pop-Up, but do not glue them ON THE FOLD of the Pop-Up. ¬†They can overhang the folded edge.
Have fun!  If you have children or grandchildren, get them to help you!

Do something good!
If you get really industrious and you want to share your Valentines (homemade or purchased), here are a couple of ideas:
¬†‚̧Share Your Love, promoted by Etsy. ¬†Giving Valentines and hot meals through City-Meals-on-Wheels to the elderly of NYC. ¬†Click here for more information. ¬†Valentines are due by Tues. Feb. 7.
¬†‚̧”Valentines for Vets”, go to the US Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs site. ¬†Find out the nearest VA hospital. ¬†Make or purchase cards, and send or take the cards to the clinic or medical center. ¬†This is an excellent project for children, and one my classes used to do every year. ¬†Make sure you (or your child) write a note on the card, the Vets love them. ¬†Click here.¬†


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Craft~Snowman Pin

Hello to my favorite blog readers!
Today I have the directions for a snowman pin you can make. ¬†It’s easy to do, in fact, my kindergartners used to help make them as presents for parents. ¬†This is a good craft activity for those in any age group. ¬†It also makes a great gift for someone.


I just have one caution: if a child is doing the project, I’d make sure an adult uses the hot glue gun for safety reasons. ¬†** However…you may know of a great glue to use instead of hot glue. ¬†If so, let me know!
Snowman Pin 
Materials Needed:
1. Two white buttons, one smaller than the other. Both buttons must have TWO holes only.
2. A piece of tagboard or white felt, as long as your pin needs to be, or long enough to cover where the two buttons come together. ¬†(the snowman’s “neck”!)
3. A piece of black felt, cut in the shape of a hat.
4. a pin …..the kind with a flat back
5. a short piece of pipe stem…red or green.
6. hot glue gun, scissors.

See materials below:


1. The head of the snowman should have his button hole “eyes” horizontal, and the body should have the button holes in a vertical position for “buttons”.
2. Flip the two buttons over so you can work on the back. ¬†Use the tagboard or white felt rectangle to bridge the two buttons together across the snowman’s “neck”. ¬† Hot glue the tag/felt to the back of the two buttons, approximately in the middle. ¬†Let that cool.
3. Hot glue the pin over the tagboard or felt piece. ¬†The opening of the pin can be either at the top or bottom….it’s your choice. ¬† Let it cool.
4. Take the pipe stem and wrap it around the snowman’s neck (it will have to go through the pin in back). ¬†Twist the stem a couple of times and then separate the ends, so it looks like a scarf blowing in the wind.
5. Cut a hat shape out of the black felt and glue it on the snowman’s head.
Woo hoo….You’re done!

As with anything else, you can change this to make it your own…have fun and be creative!

Thanks for visiting….


Thanksgiving craft~

Good evening loyal readers!

This is a great craft for parents and children to do together….or for anyone of any age.
As with any craft,  there are many variations that can be used.

I found this craft activity on the net a month ago.   The original craft item is hanging leaves, as you will see when I give you the link.
You can choose to do leaves, as we are in the midst of falling leaves at this time of year, and I think the finished look is really neat.

I made a variation to show you another idea.  I made turkey feathers!  When I taught kindergarten, I found out that five year olds (and most children) are fascinated with turkeys!

Click here to see the original craft idea from KABOOSE.   (my directions vary from Kaboose because I wanted the feathers to look different)

1. Using tagboard or heavy construction paper, cut out 7 feathers, ¬†leaf shapes (or the shape you desire) Note: they do not have to be exactly the same shape! Just free-form draw them, or make one shape and trace it. ¬†Don’t worry if they are different sizes.
2. You or your child decorate the feathers/leaves using crayons, watercolor paints, poster paints, markers, torn paper scraps, etc.
3. Find a twig or branch that is fairly straight
4. Use thin string or thin crochet “yarn”
5. Punch a hole in the TOP of each feather/leaf (in the top row) and tie a knot with the string there.  (make sure you have a long piece of string)
6. For each of the 3 top items, wrap the string around the stick several times and then tie it in a knot.
7. Punch a hole in the bottom of each feather in the top row.
8. Punch a hole in the top of each feather in the second row and tie them together, using a square knot. ¬†Mine are about 3″ apart.
9. For the last feather….repeat the process ….as you can see in the photo.

**Thoughts: if this will be exposed to the outdoors, it may be a good idea to cover the feathers/leaves with clear contact paper, or…one of my favorite things: clear package wrapping tape. ¬†KABOOSE suggests putting glue on each knot…. if your item is outdoors and exposed to humidity changes, ¬†that is probably a good idea.

Have fun creating!  Let me know if you do this craft!.
Thanks for stopping by~ 

Make Antique Button Earrings

I don’t have a photo to go along with this craft, but when you follow the link and go to the website below you’ll get the directions and see the photos. ¬†Thanks to Life Through the Lens for the idea.
All you need are buttons with a shank on the back. ¬†The directions tell you how to remove the shank and add a post and back. ¬†It’s very simple. ¬†So simple I wish I’d thought of it myself!
With all the different buttons available (new or antique), you can imagine the variety of styles you can craft.   These will make great gifts too!  Good luck!

Click here for the tutorial on Life Through the Lens.  

**(“Vintage Earrings Tutorial and Giveaway” ….Giveaway has ended)


Sweet Swiffer Craft

Here’s a craft even I could do. ¬†I found it online and I thought it would be great to pass on to you.

You know how we always run out of our small hand-held Swiffer (or other) disposable dusters and have to throw them out? ¬†Well here’s a GREEN idea… can make your own Swiffer dust covers…or make some for gifts. ¬†All you need is some fleece and the tutorial from (click here>)Grosgrain Fabulous. ¬†When they are dirty you can toss them in the washer instead of throwing them out.

If you are interested in making a dust cover for the large floor Swiffer, Grosgrain Fabulous has a link for you on her site.  You can click that link and it takes you to the tutorial for the large floor Swiffer on another blog.   By the way, Grosgrain Fabulous is a great sewing site and craft/ideas/shopping, etc!

Have fun and let me know if you made some covers!  Maybe it will give me the incentive to get my machine out!

Thanks to Grosgrain Fabulous for this post!    Click here to go to the site.

Budget Ideas #1 ~Fern in painted frame~

Budget Ideas are my favorite things to make for a low cost. ¬†For this one, find a photo frame (I used a brown “wood” frame, very inexpensive), and paint it whatever color you want. ¬† Make sure the glass is removed! ¬†When the paint dries, use sandpaper to take some of the paint off, making the frame look “aged”. ¬† You can even distress it with a hammer or other items. ¬†Next, ¬†look for a fern or some leaves that are attractive. ¬†My fern started out green, but turned to bronze. ¬†I happen to like the bronze color, but if you prefer the colors to remain true, then use your microwave to preserve them.

Microwave leaves, etc: ¬†Blot the leaves dry first. Otherwise they will just cook! ¬†If you have a large leaf or a fern, microwave them alone. ¬†Smaller leaves can be grouped together. ¬†Place your foliage on a double-folded paper towel. ¬†Then place another paper towel over that. ¬†Microwave the leaves for about 30 seconds on a medium or low power setting. ¬†If the leaves are not dry, microwave them for about 10 more seconds. ¬†You don’t want the leaves to get crispy. ¬†They can catch on fire if you microwave them too long. ¬†Keep close to the microwave and check them often. ¬†When they are done in the microwave, ¬†leave them on the paper towel to keep drying. When they are completely cool and dry, store them in a zip lock bag until you are ready to use them in projects.

Lastly~ Choose a paper for the background in your frame, and place your foliage in the frame.  I used a few tiny pieces of double-stick tape to help hold my fern in place on the background paper.  And~Voila!  You are done!

Please practice conservation.  Do not take leaves or other foliage from a park or public area.  Ask neighbors for donations, or find leaves that have freshly fallen.

Fall Wreath

I made this wreath after I saw a similar one in a classy store. ¬†That wreath had real apples on fresh greens and it was beautiful. ¬†I’d love a wreath like that, but it isn’t practical for me. ¬†I prefer something that will last, but still have the same basic appeal. ¬†ooo…no pun there!

I bought a grapevine wreath, some inexpensive plastic fruit from a hobby/craft store, and some leafy greens. ¬†A note here: faux fruit can be very pricey. ¬†I passed up the section with individual, large fruit at $5.00 apiece, and scouted out smaller versions. ¬†I also varied from the “all apple” inspiration and included small pumpkins, gourds, artichokes, etc. ¬† Not only did that save me money, but it also gave me the “Fall” look I wanted.

Then, all I needed to do was assemble it with hot glue. ¬†When making wreaths, I usually keep stems long and apply hot glue to the stem, then insert it into the grapevine wreath. ¬†If I find I need more glue on the side or bottom, I’ll add more. ¬†Adding greens to tuck in around the fruit helps to cover anything I want to hide. ¬† There are times I need to use wire to attach items. ¬†My wire of choice is green 24 gauge.

There are many ways to make a wreath like this “your own”. ¬†You can add fall leaves, a bow, pine cones, sunflowers, raffia, or other items from nature. ¬† You can use a different base wreath than a grapevine too. ¬† Happy crafting!