Siena Cathedral~the interior….

My dear blogging friends…..

 I have been incredibly busy with community, church, and home “work”.  I’ve had many things on my “to do” list and I have no idea what happened to January!  Did anyone else feel that way?  I kept trying to get here….but ran out of time.

I also started an online photography class with Kim Klassen.  If you’re interested in seeing what I do, I have a new blog for those assignments.  Most of it is learning!  My blog is:

I’ve finished editing my photos from Siena.  I love the interior of that beautiful black and white marble cathedral.  Enjoy!

Thanks for viewing!


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32 thoughts on “Siena Cathedral~the interior….

    • Hi Madhu! I feel so bad about neglecting this blog. I’m really not sure how I can keep both blogs going and still take 2 classes! 😉 Thanks so much for your visit!

    • I’ve missed you! Thanks for stopping Tess! I’m struggling with two blogs and my second class starts soon. Yikes! I appreciate your comments as always!

  1. What a beautiful cathedral! We would of all loved to be there 🙂 Looking at your pictures makes me excited for this summer! I am going to France for my friends wedding and I get to see the Notre Dame Cathedral again!

    • Oh my! I will be so jealous, Adri! I love Paris! I’m hoping in the next two years to get back to Paris and then go on to Provence. I can’t wait to see your photos! What a beautiful, romantic place to get married~ France!

      • Thanks Judy! I will be posting them for sure 🙂 it’s fun getting ready and doing some shopping before a trip! This summer is going to be the highlight of my year! I’m counting down the days 😀

        I tried looking for you on facebook, but I couldn’t find you. You can find me if you type on the search bar, my name is common so it will narrow it down 🙂

      • Okay, Adri…I’ll do that! Did I tell you my name? I go by my maiden and married names. I’m Judy Kreutter Johnson. There are a million Judy Johnsons! I’m sure I’m the only one with Kreutter as a middle name!

    • Hi Meg! I’ve really missed you. I’m not sure I’m cut out for two blogs and two classes! Thanks so much for your lovely comments! I just love that door!

  2. I’ve missed your posts but I agree it’s hard to find the time for all this. I’m glad to hear you’re not completely buried under the usual Michigan snow!

    • haha……not yet! In fact, it’s been raining for 24 hours and the snow is nearly gone. I’ve been thinking of you this winter and all the nasty storms that have come your way. Yikes. I’m not sure I can keep up two blogs, and my second photo class starts soon. My head is spinning! 😉 I’ve missed you! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Hope you have fun with the photography class! The snowstorms here were fun (I know, I need to move back to Michigan)! We don’t usually get that much snow so it was exciting and I was happy to have the excuse to hibernate.

      • That’s what I love about winter! I love to snuggle with a book or crafty things and a snowed-in day is wonderful news! But we really don’t get the big ones anymore. ;( In fact, we haven’t had deep enough snows for me to use my snowshoes. We’ll get 3, 4, maybe 6″ and then it melts soon afterward. Global warming, I’m sure.

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