Sublime Sedona, Arizona

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Last year “the girls” took a trip to Sedona.  We had a blast in this beautiful part of the country. I have visited many different parts of our beautiful country and overseas too.  But I was surely taken by surprise when I set my eyes on Sedona for the first time. At first, I thought I was on another planet!  I had never seen such huge red monstrous rocks, and I was totally enchanted. My camera never left my side.  Every corner we turned had new vistas with cream, tan, gold, red, pink and orange layers in those surreal rocky monoliths.  I will always remember my very first sighting of those rocks and how I gasped!  The natural beauty of Sedona, will always be with me.

For more info on Sedona, click here.

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44 thoughts on “Sublime Sedona, Arizona

  1. I loved your Sedona slideshow! I confess I wasn’t sure where it was, and thanks to google, I found it to be in beautiful Arizona! What a fun place to go with the girls, it looks like a dreamlike setting. Those colors and and stunning rocks. Amazing. Your photographs are enticing!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Elisa….I should put AZ in the title or in the story! Didn’t realize I didn’t have it. Thanks for your comments! It is magical…

  2. Good thing the camera never left your sight . Such a series of breathtaking landscapes and the amazing play of sky and rock colors are just dazzling. Nature’s canvas at its best. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring post. Best wishes to you and your love ones…

  3. Beautiful pictures! Your country has so much to offer in terms of these lovely natural wonders. Many years ago, my husband and I went camping in several states there including Arizona. We loved it there. My husband is a geologist so you can just imagine that places like the Grand Canyon are very special. 😉

      • Yes, we had so much fun visiting Utah, AZ, New Mexico and Colorado. We went to see Canyon Lands, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest Park.

      • You covered a lot of ground, Malou! We are planning on visiting AZ again, then Utah & So.Colorado this summer. We hope to hit all the parks you mention!

  4. What a goreous set of photos, Judy! Amazing and so rich and colorful. Last summer, I was lucky enough to see the Badlands, and the landscape looked much like this. So amazing, and yet, the photos I took really couldn’t capture it’s vastness and beauty.

    Wonderful images. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Hi Jenna… It’s been many years since I’ve been to the Badlands, but I remember thinking I could be on another planet, or the moon! I agree…it’s very beautiful there. When we were driving around the Badlands, a mule deer poked his head in my window! Apparently many others had fed him. Thanks for your comments!

    • Thank you, Tess! It is a “must-see” area in my opinion! I’m sure I sucked all the air out of the car when I got my first glimpse! In the mid-west, we have nothing like this either. 😉

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