Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Our Arts & Crafts chairs contrast against the rock piers on the porch.  They are unlike each other because the rocks are round and wide; the wood on the chairs is straight and narrow.    The rock piers taper as they rise; the wood on the chairs remains even. The rocks are smooth; the wood has four corners.

Contrast is all around us.  We need to open our eyes to the possibilities.

Arts & Crafts chair contrasting against the rock pier.

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

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  5. The Arts & Crafts movement is in danger of fading away. It seems the craftsman are not being as appreciated as they were years ago. Mass production is one of the reasons. Cheaper labor eliminates the fine handiwork of a real craftsman. I hope it isn’t so. It would be a shame to lose the fine work they do. Every piece is made with skill but more importantly with love.
    Your image is Fab ….

    • Thanks, Isadora! Yes.. there are mass-produced reproductions. Those chairs, however, were each handmade by the Amish. They are heavy oak and a piece of art in themselves. Unfortunately we can’t afford hand-made Arts & Crafts or Prairie style furniture for every piece in our home…some are reproductions! We have a mixture!

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