Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Design

I designed a sign inviting people to dine, and have a good time~ in the springtime.   DESIGN.

Designed sign.

Thanks for stopping by!


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46 thoughts on “Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Design

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    • Thank you, Jake! BTW….somehow I missed seeing your workers “in action”. I saw them standing by their project…but missed them moving…until I had made my comment. WOW! I was blown away! That is the coolest design…your graphic skills are incredible!
      Then I saw a graphic “Jake”! I blinked twice before I realized it wasn’t real! awesome! 😉

    • Wow…thank you, Bindu! I fuss and fret over my watercolors. I have no confidence in myself. So your compliments boost that confidence..thanks!

    • April 22. Can you make it? 😉 It’s a progressive dinner where you eat appetizers at one place, then move to another place for the main meal and to another place for the dessert! It’s fun!

  2. Judy this is beautiful, I love this drawing ! I’m impressed, I didn’t know you can draw. If you have many beautiful drawings like this one I would love to see them !
    With your talent If you love pochoirs you just don’t need them, you draw directly on the piece of furniture or wall !

    • Oh Jocelyne…you are too kind! I’m sure I’ve fooled you by the angle of the photo! I just dabble in it now and then. I really want to take another watercolor class. Tell me about pochoirs? It’s French, right? My French is very rusty. 😉

      • I looked at it once more and I don’t think you’ve fooled me with the angle, I’m telling you, it’s beautiful ! 🙂
        I don’t know if pochoirs is French but it’s a french word that I used because I couldn’t find the word in english ! Pochoirs are stencils you fix on a wall or piece of furniture, then you apply paint over by tapping with a cloth or brush and when you take it off you have a beautiful image. It’s fun ! But, like I said, you don’t need them ! 🙂

      • ok! Gotcha. I’ve used stencils here. I’ve also done some hand painting around windows, mixing it up with stamped images in paint. I bought some lovely words in a beautiful script at the dollar store. I think they’re sticky-backed so you can adhere them anywhere. I was going to try decoupaging them (after photocopying) onto a stool or piece of wood. Did you take part in Sunday’s blog party? I was looking for you!

    • I was sure you would know what are pochoirs.
      Sunday’s blog party ? Do you mean party on WordPress ? I don’t know of any party on WordPress, I wish I did.
      I didn’t take part on any sunday party yet, my week-ends are too busy !

      • Oh I’m sorry, dear friend! I’ve gone and called it something else and confused you. The only name I can think of is: Sunday Blog “Party”. You participated in it one Sunday a couple of weeks ago.

        You post a photo from your blog, along with many other bloggers…on another person’s blog. Now I really sound like I’m not making any sense! lol I was just wondering if you did it this past Sunday, as I was looking for a photo from your blog. Am I making any sense? 😉

      • Don’t worry, you make perfect sense ! I think the photo you’re talking about was from my post horses and barns in winter. When you participate in a blog party, only one photo from your post will appear as a thumbnail. Maybe that’s what you saw, a thumbnail image of a photo from my post. If you click on the thumbnail you’re redirected to the person’s blog post where you can see the entire post
        I don’t participate every week, just when I have a new post.
        Have a nice week-end Judy !

      • That’s it!! See, you do party now and then! tee hee! Thanks for being able to see through my strange message! Have a great weekend too Jocelyne!

    • Thank you, Isadora! That poster is my annual “job” to create at this time of year. I try to think of some way to decorate it, otherwise it looks rather plain!

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