Old Sunsets and a New Moon

In late February I took these photos of a sunset I thought looked like fireworks.   As I walked to the house in near darkness, I glanced over my shoulder.  There was the new moon shining brightly through the trees.  A fitting end to a pretty sunset.

"firework sunset"

sunset with jet contrail...

Another version of the "firework sunset"...

Good night moon! 😉

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38 thoughts on “Old Sunsets and a New Moon

    • Thank you, Margie! I agree…I love sunrises and sunsets. (hmm…didn’t someone write a song about that?!!) In fact, this morning there was a lovely sunrise, but I was on my way to a meeting with NO camera!

  1. What a beautiful sight! I should start admiring the sunsets more often. With life so busy I should stop and look and our planets beautiful colors. Have a wonderful weekend Judy!
    P.S. I found you on Pinterest 🙂

    • Thanks Adri…this winter has been special…we’ve had more sunsets than usual. (and less snow)!
      Cool! I’ll look for you on Pinterest! I have to restrain myself from going there all the time. 😉

  2. Moments that make us pensive. And you have done a great job capturing them so well.

    These are really rare sights for me. I never get to see a sunrise or a sunset. Here in the desert usually the ‘bloody sun’ simply rises and sets without waiting for any fireworks.

    And moon is found lonely up there in the cloudless sky unaccompanied by the stars.

    Thank you for sharing them, Judy 🙂

    • I had no idea, Bindu. Thank you for sharing that. It would be hard not to see a sunset…and the sun would be devastatingly hot. But the clear night skies would be pretty.
      We have traded snow and cloudy, overcast gray days for some glorious sunsets with streaky clouds. It’s been a very nice change for those of us in Michigan!

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