They told me I’d see a red rock………

So you know what I thought:  one, solitary, lonely, mound of red DIRT.   Well, ok, I’ll give my friends the benefit of the doubt…..I thought maybe I’d see a single Rocky BUMP or HILL.

In no way was I prepared for the jaw-dropping spectacle that awaited me when we drove into Sedona, Arizona.   I thought we had entered another world….and I guess we had!   There were massive red rocky monoliths everywhere I looked.

I kept my camera stuck to my side for the whole week!  Every turn in the road produced another photo opportunity, another gorgeous vista.  The best part, for me, was watching for the play of light across the huge rocks.  From early in the morning, until sunset, the sun changed the colors of these beautiful masterpieces of nature.

Here’s one of my favorites:

Sedona, AZ

I’ll post more another day.

Good night!

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28 thoughts on “They told me I’d see a red rock………

  1. Spectacular… That whole area, Utah, Arizona… spectacular. We loved it when we were there last summer.
    This is one of the best photos I have seen. Great shadows and light.

    • Hi Fergimoto…I have not yet been to the South Utah parks…but they are on our “bucket list”. I did get to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on this trip. We have spent a lot of time in the northern parks. It’s time to move south! 😉

  2. what a wonderful “red rock” 🙂
    isn’t nature just wonderful?
    the surface of the world adorned with such beauty
    such variety.
    reading your post, I am just seeing the earth as a ball
    the image just out of the blue keeps appearing in front of my eyes.
    on the one spot (like arizona) it’s got buldging mountains and “rocks”
    on the the other spot like ours, water holding itself onto the surface
    with tiny dots of land scattered here and there…

    beautiful nature, cleverness of our Creator 🙂

    • Very well put….the “cleverness of our Creator”. How sad if everything looked alike, from the topography, to flora and fauna, to the people. It certainly would be boring! Our God did not create a boring world!

    • Thank you Judy! I thought the same thing when we arrived in Sedona!

      How did I miss that you have a wonderful photo blog? I was just there, having fun….looking at all your glorious photos! So glad I saw it!

  3. Judy

    Another great capture. Thanks for sharing. The red rocks are enormous and reflective of the light – shows very well in your photograph. Would like to see more of this series 🙂


    • Wow….montucky! Thank you so much! I am totally flattered. In fact, I’ve fallen on the floor with your remark! Thank you so much. I took hundreds of photos there, and this was the only one I truly loved. Thanks again!

    • No…that was my first one. And out of literally hundreds…it’s my favorite! I will post more though. It is very different…and I loved it, even though it was quite cold! Thank you again.

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