Is that really a snowflake?

Note…  I had three photos on my draft but they would not upload to the actual post.  I tried for 40 minutes to reload them and downsized them to a thumbnail.  They still would not load.  I am very frustrated.  This has happened before.   Has anyone had a similar problem?  

Hello blog readers!

We’ve had warm temperatures, rain, freezing rain, sleet, golfing weather and high winds but not much snow!  We are far behind our annual snow totals for this season.  It concerns me for our beautiful Freshwater Seas….our Great Lakes, that surround our state of Michigan.  The lakes depend on moisture, such as rain and snow to keep their water levels up.  This low-snow year is not boding well for our lakes.  We need much more snow to ensure higher lake water levels.

Today we awoke to a snowstorm.  All the trees were covered with white “frosting” and the flakes were falling from the sky at a heavy rate.  I have a quest to try and catch snowflakes on my photos, so I set my image speed high and went outside.  The wind was furious and the snow whirled around me.  But I was able to capture some snowflakes.

About 3 hours later, the sun came out and the skies turned blue with puffy white clouds.  I can’t tell you the last time we saw blue skies like this!   In Michigan we say: “If you don’t like the weather…wait a minute, and it will change.”   I have a feeling Michigan is not the only state that takes credit for that quote!

Blue spruce

The Blue Spruce stands tall and mighty against the wind, protecting birds from the elements.


Good night! Sleep well…

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19 thoughts on “Is that really a snowflake?

  1. We got some snow today too, I am on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes. We have not had much snow either, usually by this time, we have huge banks on the sides of our driveway., this year, nothing at all ( For some reson, I can only see the first pic of the blue spruce. )

    • Hi Maggie…Yes I know…grrrr! I’m working on it. And getting grumpier by the minute. It shows in my dashboard but not on the post.
      I’ve reloaded my pix a second time. Things seem to be running slow tonight. I wonder if that’s the problem. I’m glad you got some snow too. We only got about 3″, but a tiny bit more is on the way tonight…maybe 2″. You are in BIG snow country!

    • I know…it gets “old” after awhile! I do love spring too! But if it’s going to be cold…I say bring on the snow! It’s better than looking at the brown and gray! 😉

  2. It’s chilly in the eyes, I love it! According to my chef in Paris, there ain’t that big snow yet unlike last year. Well, I miss playing with snow. I made my first snowman way back 1996 in New York… I will post some photos one day to share with you guys… Enjoy your Sunday Judy 🙂

  3. snowflakes???!!!! something I have yet to experience 🙂
    thanks for the share. If I was there, I would be running around
    with my camera trying to preserve a snowflake, for eternity 🙂
    thanks for the share Judy.

    and i’m sorry to hear abt the issue abt uploading more photos.
    I hope it gets figured out itself. I wish I had a solution. but I don’t 😦
    I suggest you try a fresh post. Leave this one alone. see if that works… 🙂

    • Thank you for the idea, Amira. I’ll try it. I’m going to try the WordPress uploader for images tonight. I haven’t used that…just uploaded from my Photoshop program. So we’ll see if that makes a difference. You made me laugh to think of you running around with your camera! Too cute! But that’s exactly what I do! lol 🙂

    • I tried the Word Press uploader last night. I’m not sure if that helped, but the Sedona photo went in easily. I had more trouble at the beginning of my blog back in October. Now it’s just once in awhile, but frustrating! I’d like to try posting those two missing “snowflake” photos sometime! One of them actually showed the snowflakes! 😉

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