They told me I’d see a red rock………

So you know what I thought:  one, solitary, lonely, mound of red DIRT.   Well, ok, I’ll give my friends the benefit of the doubt…..I thought maybe I’d see a single Rocky BUMP or HILL.

In no way was I prepared for the jaw-dropping spectacle that awaited me when we drove into Sedona, Arizona.   I thought we had entered another world….and I guess we had!   There were massive red rocky monoliths everywhere I looked.

I kept my camera stuck to my side for the whole week!  Every turn in the road produced another photo opportunity, another gorgeous vista.  The best part, for me, was watching for the play of light across the huge rocks.  From early in the morning, until sunset, the sun changed the colors of these beautiful masterpieces of nature.

Here’s one of my favorites:

Sedona, AZ

I’ll post more another day.

Good night!

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