Frame your photos before clicking the shutter button!

Good evening readers~
Tonight I have a photography suggestion.  It’s one I have enjoyed using for many years.

Sometimes it’s difficult to frame or “set up” a photo well.  Using “props” can help frame your photo and make it more interesting.

My suggestion?  Try taking photos THROUGH, UNDER, BETWEEN : through an inside window, a door, an archway, a hole in a fence, under a bridge, between branches on a tree, between two buildings….the possibilities are endless.  It’s all about Framing your photo before you shoot.

Remember to focus on what you want to have sharp and clear in your final photo.  If you want the scene outside the window/arch, etc., to be clear, then make sure you focus on that.  If you want the window panes to be sharp and clear, then focus on them, but remember, your scene outside the window will be soft and blurry.

Once you get started, you will see all kinds of opportunities….so carry your camera as often as you can!   Here are some examples….













Soon you will be ready to print and FRAME your photo for a wall!  😉

Thanks for visiting….
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving….




6 thoughts on “Frame your photos before clicking the shutter button!

  1. You know this would seem rather obvious,
    but I have never thought of it and the results
    are truly stunning my friend… I can see that

    I am going to enjoy calling in here and learning
    from your wonderfully creative ideas… This
    one is perfection my friend and I have enjoyed
    looking at your photographs, which are very
    well presented and are equally sublime…


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