Krazy about Kittens!

Greetings, dear Readers..
As a child and growing up, my family always had dogs.  We have friends with cats and I’ve loved them, but I’ve never LIVED with kittens or cats until recently~and now I’m head over heels in love!

Our son and daughter-in-law foster kittens for the Omaha Humane Society from early spring until late fall.  The kittens they receive from the Humane Society are sometimes under one pound.  They care for them~ helping them make the switch slowly from wet cat food to dry food, getting on the floor and teaching them how to play, making sure they know how to cover “items” in the litter box,  teaching manners (don’t jump on the coffee table, etc), and giving them loads of love.  When the kittens reach two pounds, they are spayed and neutered and put up for adoption.

Our kids foster several litters a year.  The litters or groups range from 3 kittens to 5!
Right now there are three sweet little kitties in the house….and I couldn’t be happier!  We are visiting for Thanksgiving and I was hoping there would be some kittens!  Who needs TV when you can watch 6 week old kittens chase, slide, hide in boxes, tumble and cuddle?

The kids name the kittens just for themselves.  When they leave for adoption, the families will name them.  Right now we have: Panda (black and white), Squirrel (all black, like a black squirrel), and Charlie Cardinal (a tiger).
Is there anything cuter than a sleeping kitten?  Come meet my sleepy friends…….

Here is Panda….. half-awake!


Now Panda is sound asleep on the “paw print” blanket.  It’s good camouflage for her.
I love the “paws over the head” position!


This is Charlie Cardinal~cute with all four paws curled! Do you see a little smile? 😉


Charlie Cardinal again…..zzzzzz


Now, isn’t this what you would like to do every day?  Napping…..and stretching out? 🙂
Squirrel looks so contented stretched all the way to the edge of the couch!  Cracks me up!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post…….I’m feeling a bit sleepy~ (yawn…)
Come back and see the next post~ and thanks for stopping by today.

Click here for more info on the Nebraska (Omaha) Humane Society



2 thoughts on “Krazy about Kittens!

  1. These photographs of your treasured felines
    are an absolute delight, I love cats my friend,
    and these are divine, especially Squirrel with
    the lounging wickedness… lol

    Cats are soooo friendly and wicked all rolled
    into one, actually they are playful, naughty,
    and loving creatures too…

    Thank you for offering these on your posting 🙂


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