Sweet Swiffer Craft

Here’s a craft even I could do.  I found it online and I thought it would be great to pass on to you.

You know how we always run out of our small hand-held Swiffer (or other) disposable dusters and have to throw them out?  Well here’s a GREEN idea…..you can make your own Swiffer dust covers…or make some for gifts.  All you need is some fleece and the tutorial from (click here>)Grosgrain Fabulous.  When they are dirty you can toss them in the washer instead of throwing them out.

If you are interested in making a dust cover for the large floor Swiffer, Grosgrain Fabulous has a link for you on her site.  You can click that link and it takes you to the tutorial for the large floor Swiffer on another blog.   By the way, Grosgrain Fabulous is a great sewing site and craft/ideas/shopping, etc!

Have fun and let me know if you made some covers!  Maybe it will give me the incentive to get my machine out!

Thanks to Grosgrain Fabulous for this post!    Click here to go to the site.


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