Everyone say: “Awwwww”~

Every year our local Tirrell Centenial Farms has a winter lamb event.  The little lambs are all over the barn and just as cute as can be.  The community is invited to see and photograph the wee ones and talk to the Tirrells about raising lambs.  It is a fun and interesting experience for all ages.  But trying to get a photo of these cute lambs is difficult, as they are constantly running, jumping and playing with the dog!  

At one point I was bending over to take a photo of a lamb who was curled up and resting on the straw.  All of a sudden I felt a tugging on the hem of my jacket!  Another lamb was nipping at my rear end!  We all had a good laugh over that!  I finally got a photo of a sweet little lamb looking right at me.  You can see it here.  I hope this photo makes your day.  Every time I look at that little face I smile~

Thanks to Tirrell Farmstead Specialties for this event.      http://www.micheese.com/


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