From the ground: a different perspective on the woods

I have been spending a lot of time on the ground with my camera lately.  I have always enjoyed taking photos of plants, rocks, shells and surfaces on the ground, but now I’M on the ground.  I have particularly enjoyed taking photos from the ground in the woods, especially with the fall colors.  Recently I spent about an hour on the floor of the woods~the only sound was my shutter clicking.  I was enjoying the peace and quiet.

I felt a bump on my boot and turned to look around.  There, about 4 feet away from me was a gray squirrel.  He was eyeing me with surprise and curiosity.  He appeared to be thinking:  What are YOU doing here?   We both were very quiet for a moment, staring at each other, and then he scampered up a tree and was gone.

My favorite day this year in the woods started out cloudy, but then the sun came out ever so slightly.  I grabbed my gear and went to the woods.  It was perfect.  The sun was pale, but bright enough to cast shards of diffused light in areas of the woods.  I was lucky enough to capture some interesting photos that day of the trees and leaves alight with golden touches.



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