Hello readers~greetings from snowy Michigan!
Around here we often say “wait a minute….the weather will change”.    And often, what is forecasted in the weather report does not happen.  So it was a surprise to see more snow than what was predicted when we awoke this morning!  We got about 10″ of snow and under that was a coating of ice.  It was not a nice commute for those who had to be somewhere early.

By 10 a.m. the sun was melting the snow and it was sliding off rooftops, trees, and cars.  In its wake, the storm left many trees, branches and power lines down, and thousands without power.

But at 8 a.m. this morning, it was very pretty.  Everything was coated softly with white.  There was a stillness; a silence that comes with new snow.   The sun was just coming up behind the trees in our woods, and I could not resist a chance to capture that “fairyland” look.  Come along with me~

A blue spruce decorated naturally for Christmas with sunlight and sparkly snow...........

a snowy overhead branch and a snowy tree still hanging on to its leaves.............

almost a heart "arch"

catching the sun's rays.........

the glow of the sun through the woods, dusted with white..........

Thanks for stopping by…..come visit again~

From the ground: a different perspective on the woods

I have been spending a lot of time on the ground with my camera lately.  I have always enjoyed taking photos of plants, rocks, shells and surfaces on the ground, but now I’M on the ground.  I have particularly enjoyed taking photos from the ground in the woods, especially with the fall colors.  Recently I spent about an hour on the floor of the woods~the only sound was my shutter clicking.  I was enjoying the peace and quiet.

I felt a bump on my boot and turned to look around.  There, about 4 feet away from me was a gray squirrel.  He was eyeing me with surprise and curiosity.  He appeared to be thinking:  What are YOU doing here?   We both were very quiet for a moment, staring at each other, and then he scampered up a tree and was gone.

My favorite day this year in the woods started out cloudy, but then the sun came out ever so slightly.  I grabbed my gear and went to the woods.  It was perfect.  The sun was pale, but bright enough to cast shards of diffused light in areas of the woods.  I was lucky enough to capture some interesting photos that day of the trees and leaves alight with golden touches.