Getting cold? Let’s go to an island!

St. Simons Island, Georgia!

St. Simons Island is a beautiful barrier island off the coast of Georgia.  It is the largest of Georgia’s Golden Isles.  St. Simons Island has a total area of 16.6 square miles.  The nearest town is Brunswick, GA, across the causeway.  Savannah, GA is about 2 hours north.  Many historical places to see, great restaurants, beautiful beaches and an average November temperature of 70 degrees make it a great place to visit! 

A cleat for tying a boat to the pier

A view of the shore.

Live Oaks with spanish moss.Beautiful beach and ocean….
Below: the St. Simons Lighthouse and Museum.


2 thoughts on “Getting cold? Let’s go to an island!

  1. Wow…what a great looking place!
    Thanks for the recognition of my beautiful place of residence. It is a wonderful place to live!

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