Welcome to my snowy world!

Hello friends!  

We’ve had some wonderful snowstorms lately.  In fact, the other day we had what our family calls…”living in a snow globe” snowfall!  A “snow globe” snowfall means the snow is falling gently and steadily; sometimes the snowflakes are very large and sometimes they are small, but the snow is continuously drifting from the sky.  It is my favorite kind of snow “storm”.  

When I was a child I tried to catch a snowflake on my tongue, but that day I tried to catch one on film!  Oops!  Film?   Correction: I tried to catch a snowflake in an image on my camera!  Stay tuned to see what happened!

Welcome to my yard.  I hope you enjoy the Snow Globe effect in some of the photos! It’s not easy to capture!

Our front door is open to welcome you!


I have many favorite trees, but the Sycamore holds a special place in my heart.  Its bark is a work of art!


Here I’m trying to catch a snowflake…(above)!  I tried different apertures to see which one would show the snowflakes best.  Different apertures gave me different depths of field.  (meaning: sometimes the background was more clear…sometimes the background was blurry as it it here, depending on the aperture number)  Can you see the marvelous snowflake I got?  I was really tickled with that one! 😉


Snow on the limestone ledge.


The Viburnum looks almost ready to bloom!  We had such warm weather earlier this season, it’s been fooled.


The last leaf…….. I love this little leaf, hanging on for dear life.  The only thing keeping it on the ledge is the end of the stem, tucked into the siding of our house.  The wind and snow did not tear it from its mooring.  Plucky little guy~ and not ready to give up!  I feel that way about Fall too!

Good night and sleep tight…..

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