Today’s sunsets….

Hello blog readers~
We had a really cool sunset tonight.  I was dancing around with my tripod like crazy.  I’m always trying to catch the tall porcupine grass in the setting sun!  Unfortunately it catches the breeze far too easily and blurs in the photo.  Oh well, maybe another time!   The sunset colors were very intense….I just had to share a few photos with you!

Because I wasn't shooting in an open area, I wasn't able to catch much in the way of cloud variations~ with the trees all around me. But in the photo above you can see a bit of variance in the clouds.I do like the tree in the upper right corner, as a "frame"!

A horizontal view.............

Here are the elusive porcupine grass “feathers” or seed heads.  Because they are more of a silhouette, it’s not as noticeable that they are shmeared or blurry in the photo!!  😉

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