Is it still winter in Michigan?  Sometimes we wonder!  The calendar tells us it is, but Mother Nature is playing some tricks on us!

We had two snowstorms last week that gave us about 5 inches of snow.  It has been bitterly cold, with nasty winds.  Our temperature has been between 9 degrees F to 30 degrees F, not counting the windchill.   Today our temperatures soared to about 45 F and our snow is gone!  The sun was out and there was a definite feeling of SPRING in the air!

Winter?  Where are you?

Here are some photos I’ve taken over the past few days:


In the photo above, you can see Porcupine Grass up close and personal.  The seed head/tassel caught a lot of snow in our last storm.



Once in awhile the male and female Cardinal will come to our feeder.  Usually they are ground feeders, or will eat from a flat tray-style bird feeder.  Here the female eats with a Titmouse during a windy snowstorm.  Actually my husband took this one when I was not at home.


I’m crazy about clouds!  I liked the look of these.  They looked very intense at first, and then they opened to show blue skies, while the sun rimmed the clouds with light.


I thought the colors of this sunset were lovely.  Pinks, oranges and blues splashed through the skies.
I liked having the spruce as a deep contrast on one side too.


Ahhhh love those berries/crab apples…whatever they are!   That spark of red is so vibrant and just about the only color we have left in the yard in this season!


Ending with the sunset, like a soft pastel chalk rendering in the Heavens.   It never ceases to amaze me….the colors that can be produced;  the tints and tones bouncing off clouds in the atmosphere.  Magical.

Have a great day!

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