WaterDragon Weekly Sunday Post: Water (H2O)

A wave crashes toward the shore on Hutchison Island, Florida.

Water is beautiful.  It’s beautiful to watch, especially when you’re at the ocean and the waves are “high rollers”~ huge monster waves, one after another, crashing onto the beach.
It brings the board surfers and the kite surfers out to play.  The ocean sparkles in the sunshine, beckoning people into the water to cool off.   But water can be dangerous, as well as beautiful.

When you are at the beach it’s good to keep safety first in your mind.  It’s best to choose a beach with a lifeguard.  If you can’t, beware of tides, by carrying a copy of the local tide chart with you.  When tides come in, and if the waves are rough, a dangerous rip current/undertow can pull you back, making it hard to get to shore.   If you are caught in a rip current, always swim parallel to the shore, until you can get help, or until you can work your way to the shore.  Areas that say: “Swim at your own Risk”…mean just that.  There can be a severe drop-off,  unseen rocks or other debris,  and undertows.   Always keep watch over your children and employ the Buddy system.  Never swim alone.  Teach your children to look for the signs/flags on the beach.

Flag warnings: Green flag: All clear for swimming, but keep an eye on the color, situations can change quickly.    Yellow flag: Caution.  There may be potential for strong undertows, high waves, etc.  Only swim where lifeguards are present.
Red flag: Strongest, most serious warning.  One red flag means the water is very rough, there are strong undercurrents, and you should only swim if you are a strong swimmer.
Once again.., keep close to a lifeguard.  Two Red flags means the beach is closed and no one should be swimming.
Many people perish in our beautiful seas because they either ignore the signs or they do not understand the coming and going of the tides.  Be safe!  Swim smart…and enjoy our beautiful ocean water.


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