Weekly Image Of Life: Of Dreams And Freedom

“It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you.”  ~sometimes attributed to M. Grundler

 We are very blessed to have many freedoms and rights in our country.   We can dream about the future; we can find peace and happiness in our work,  play and with our family.   But not all countries are as fortunate.   And even in our own country, every single person does not share the same rights as the next person, still to this day.  It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.   It takes the shine and glory out of the word Freedom, when you have friends who are not treated with the same respect as they deserve.   

“Human rights is the soul of our foreign policy, because human rights is the very soul of our sense of nationhood.” ~Jimmy Carter 

Everyone….no matter what country in the world they live in……should have the same rights and freedoms as all.   Every person in the world should be able to dream about the future,  feel peace, not fear.  Never fear nor hatred.

“So what we’re talking about here is human rights. The right to live like a human. The right to live, period. And what we’re facing in Africa is an unprecedented threat to human dignity and equality.”

 Any person, no matter what gender, race or creed should be able to read what they want, go where they want, eat where they desire, have the respect they deserve, live without fear of harm, worship where they choose, enjoy the freedom of speech,  have plenty of food and clean water, be able to get an education, and many more.  No person should be treated as less than another.  That’s what human rights means.  We are all human and we deserve the same treatment.

William Faulkner has been a favorite author of mine since I was a teenager.

“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”  ~William Faulkner

If we all had the same freedoms, rights, privileges, respect, we could:

Orville & Wilbur Wright, Kitty Hawk, Maryland

~try something new, like the Wright Brothers.  They flew an airplane!

Study of Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. at Fallingwater. Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. is the owner’s son, who studied architecture for a short while under Frank Lloyd Wright.

~have the freedom to read the books you desire, and  also to be able to write books.

Chicago fountain…..

~to be able to travel anywhere, with no hassle, and see other parts of the world.

We need to work hard to make sure that every person in the world has the same rights, freedoms, and respect.  That way,  every person will be able to dream about a future of equality, peace and happiness.


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