She’s a Survivor

She’s a survivor.  She was born in the cold weather and left to die.  She has endured more than many of her kind, but still lives on.  Fragile?  Not her.  She shows her strength every day in many ways.  Her family did not live to see her attain this stage of life.   They died soon after she was born.  Growing against all odds, she stretches taller, fighting for air, warmth and companionship.  She is lonely, but she does not let that stop her from continuing to persevere.  She is a dreamer.  She dreams of beauty one day…..and to dance in the sun.

Some would say she is ugly, grotesque even.  True, she shows scars from her battles with raging forces.  Scars where there is usually smooth softness.  Mottled color where a lovely palette of color should be.  But she is not ugly, she is beautiful.

The scars are all on the outside.  But inside, is she so different than her sisters, cousins, or those like her anywhere in the world?  Not in the least.  Inside she is as perfect as any of her kind, anywhere in the world.  For her inner beauty is what is important when she opens her arms to the sun.   She stands strong, resilient against the forces.  Waiting for the warmth and the sun.  She’s a survivor.


This is a rosebud (and my story character!) found Saturday, December 31st, 2011.  She’s made it through 10″ of heavy snow, ice storms, high wind and torrents of rain.   She’s made it this far.  I know she’ll make it well into 2012!  What tenacity!  We can learn from this little rosebud that won’t give up!


Good night dear bloggers!
Happy first day of 2012!! ❤


Hello readers~greetings from snowy Michigan!
Around here we often say “wait a minute….the weather will change”.    And often, what is forecasted in the weather report does not happen.  So it was a surprise to see more snow than what was predicted when we awoke this morning!  We got about 10″ of snow and under that was a coating of ice.  It was not a nice commute for those who had to be somewhere early.

By 10 a.m. the sun was melting the snow and it was sliding off rooftops, trees, and cars.  In its wake, the storm left many trees, branches and power lines down, and thousands without power.

But at 8 a.m. this morning, it was very pretty.  Everything was coated softly with white.  There was a stillness; a silence that comes with new snow.   The sun was just coming up behind the trees in our woods, and I could not resist a chance to capture that “fairyland” look.  Come along with me~

A blue spruce decorated naturally for Christmas with sunlight and sparkly snow...........

a snowy overhead branch and a snowy tree still hanging on to its leaves.............

almost a heart "arch"

catching the sun's rays.........

the glow of the sun through the woods, dusted with white..........

Thanks for stopping by…..come visit again~

Wild Goose, Logan’s and Salamanders. Where are we?

Logan’s Pass sits on the Continental Divide, in between mountains, in Glacier National Park and is listed at more than 6600′ in altitude.  Logan’s Pass is often the last area to get cleared of snow in the summer.  They have recorded more than 100 feet of snow in one season.  When we were there the third week of July, 2008,they had cleared the last of the snow and opened the main highway: Going To The Sun Road, on July 4th!

There are a few hikes that you can do from the Logan’s Pass Visitor’s Center.  We took the Hidden Lake hike.  It’s a short hike of 3 miles, but has the benefits of beautiful scenery, mountain goat sightings, and even traveling through snow in the summer!!


Wild Goose, Logan’s and Salamanders. Where are we?

We are in Glacier National Park, Montana!  It’s one of my favorite places.  I have some photos to share with you.  I took them on our last trip in 2008.  The first picture is of Wild Goose Island on St. Mary’s Lake. Hopefully you can see the tiny island in the middle of this 10 mile long lake.  

It’s a beautiful spot for photos, especially in the morning.  It’s on the east side of the park, so anything on the east side will be good for morning shots.  The west side is perfect for late afternoon and early evening photo shoots.  I’ve read that you can go to Wild Goose Island in a boat…but I haven’t tried this.  Yet!