Shhhh! The Porcupine Grass has secrets!

Quietly slipping out of the ground,
In the spring, the green leafy shoots
Foretell of great things to come.

Bright and fresh, they gather speed
Reaching toward the sun, until
Gracefully slender, they stand taller than a man.

Fashionably chic with animal print stripes,
They smile, knowing the secrets they hold.
Swinging, swaying, dancing with a breeze,
They are mesmerizing to behold.

As heat gathers around them and others
Seem to wilt, we find
The secrets they’ve been keeping since spring.

Crowns of spiky florets bloom and shine
Like a jeweled coronet, lifting and bowing
Happily in the wind.

As days grow shorter and colder
The stems do not wilt, as other plants do
Rather, they stand tall and proud, becoming
A lovely tawny shade.

The once queenly florets become soft, fuzzy cotton candy
As they drop the seeds they have kept secret all summer.
Seeds that will become…..

New, graceful, leafy shoots,
Quietly slipping out of the ground next spring.

Photo by Judy

Good night to my favorite readers!

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