Snow. Snowstorms. Snowflakes. Winter.

Well, it IS that time of year in Michigan.  And it IS much better than looking at brown leaves, brown and gray tree trunks, brown weeds in the woods, and dormant grass.  It also means that skis and snowshoes can come out of their hiding places soon!


Like hands reaching toward the sky, viburnum leaves cradle snowflakes within.

Like hands reaching toward the sky, viburnum leaves catch snowflakes within their outstretched foliage.

snowporkies_8186 - Version 2


The porcupine grass becomes heavy with its headdress of snow.  

I love to photograph porcupine grass during every season, but wind is the “grass” photographer’s enemy!  The wind during the snowstorm played with the “porkies”, making it difficult to capture a clear shot!  *click for larger image*

Happy New Year everyone! May you be Blessed with good heath and happiness!

Love to all~


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