Spring’s Purple Frenzy!

Purple Snow Iris...

I should name this post: The Dance of the Purple Snow Iris, for the tiny flowers sway and shudder in the slightest breeze.  It makes it very hard to get a sharp image of them!
I found the setting sun in perfect alignment with the irises this evening, so I had fun trying to capture the evening light through the petals.
They may not be purple, but we have a few very early Viburnum buds that have opened into their second stage of growth.
We are enjoying temperatures in the 60-70F range this week.  An early gift of spring….but what could April bring??? 😉

Bread feeds the body indeed, but the flowers also feed the soul.
–  The Koran

Snow Iris petals backlit by the setting sun.

Snow Iris.

A viburnum bud that has opened into the pre-flower stage. This usually happens in early May.


Thanks for visiting my garden.  Come back again!


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