Siena’s Spectacular Cathedral


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The stats are in.  I should never post late at night. I got the history of Siena’s Cathedral mixed up in my last post. The cathedral we see today was built between 1215 and 1263.  Years later, the Sienese planned … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary~Sculpture of Rose McClendon

Solitary: definition~ “occurring singly and not as part of a group or cluster”.  
Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  

Solitary, singular, alone, lone, special, sole, unique.

This sculpture of Rose McClendon stands alone proudly on the grounds of Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural commission for the Edgar Kaufmann family.  She graces the garden near the walkway that joins the main house and guest house at Fallingwater.

Standing in a prayerful pose, she is startlingly beautiful, serene and reverent, as she tilts her head back toward Heaven.

Rose indeed was special and unique.  She was ‘one of the most renowned African-American stage performers of her time’. *  She starred in eleven Broadway productions.
Ethel Barrymore once said: “She can teach them all distinction.”  Aside from stage work, Rose directed and produced, and was co-founder of the Negro People’s Theatre in Harlem, and supervised the Federal Negro Theatre. *

When we visited Fallingwater, I was mesmerized by Rose.  It was raining lightly, so she had droplets cascading down her face. She looked as if she was crying in prayer, becoming more realistic than just a cast-stone sculpture.  I was very moved by this lovely piece.
I hope you can also feel the emotion as you look at the photo.

Sculpture of Rose McClendon (1884-1936) by Richmond Barthe

*Taken from: Website about Fallingwater click here.

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Ancient Artifact? or ?

Is this an ancient artifact?

An ancient Greek Sun symbol?

Or is it something else?

An ancient artifact? !!

Actually I can’t fool any of you!  This is sort of ancient…er um….it’s from last  summer’s garden!  Now can you guess?
As near as I can tell, it’s a Purple Coneflower.  We have them in the area where I found this cool specimen.  It makes such a great photo subject.  And….as you can see below, I had fun playing on PhotoShop with it too. 

Dried Purple Coneflower with the "Dry Brush" effect from PhotoShop.


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