Tour stop #2~Sapelo Island, GA.

Hello blogger buddies!  Climb aboard.  The ferry to Sapelo Island is leaving!  It will take about 15-20 minutes to get to the island.

The earliest humans on Sapelo Island lived there over 4000 years ago.  Those inhabitants were the Paleo-Indians who left evidence of their lives on the island with shell middens, that can still be seen today.  Middens are mounds or deposits of shells or bones.   There were others before him, but  Sapelo Island was purchased by Thomas Spaulding in the 1800’s.  Spaulding was an amateur agriculturist, who built a large home on the south end of the island.  In 1911, Howard Coffin, founder of the Hudson Motor Company in Detroit, MI,  purchased the island, living there until 1933.  Using the foundation of the Spaulding home, the Coffins renovated and expanded the home, making it quite a showplace.   From 1933-1965, RJ Reynolds owned the island and upgraded the home again.  As the others before him, he enjoyed agricultural experimentation.

Today the island is under the direction of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.   The island is home to the Sapelo Island Natural Estuarine Research Reserve.  (SINERR)  The reserve enables visitors to see the elements of a natural barrier island, such as: diverse wildlife in the upland forests, vast expanses of the Spartina salt marsh, and the complex beach and dunes system.  Tours also enable the visitor to experience the African-American community of Hog Hammock, the mansion and the lighthouse.


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Thanks for joining me on the tour!  I hope you had fun and learned something new!


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