Weekly Image of Life: Summertime Blast~ Zion National Park

We had a Rockin’ good summertime blast at Zion National Park!  

And you know why!   There were lots of gorgeous rocks to gaze at, hike upon, and take photos of.

Here are some more of those larger than life creations of nature~

This was taken at the start of our  Emerald Pools Hike….
It was a great hike to take, alongside the river,  on a warm day’s BLAST of heat in Zion canyon.

The Virgin River at the start of the Emerald Pools Hike.


This was taken on the Riverside Walk Trail.  I wanted to have a comparison between the rock and people, to show how large the rock is.

 I waited until the couple got to the large slab of rock, and then I snapped the shutter.

A massive slab of rock that fell a long time ago, rests against the mountain.

The last photo shows the LAST BLAST of SUMMER……a colorful summer sunset.

The last sunset we saw on our trip.

Where did you enjoy a summertime blast this year?

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