Gift tags to make~

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I know time is getting short….and I should have posted this craft months ago.  Perhaps you can tuck it away until next year if this week is too crazy!

I made the gift tags with a smaller, round tag attached for the name of the recipient and gifter.  The small, round tags are attached at the top of the rectangular tag with string, crochet yarn, or thin ribbon.  You should be able to see both tags in the photos.
This way I can reuse the larger tag and just attach a new circle tag next year.

Gift Tags 
Materials needed:
1. Anything you can find around the house!
2. construction paper, scrapbook paper, old notes or envelopes with interesting colors, last year’s Christmas cards, or extra cards, fabric, magazines, catalogs, handmade paper, stickers, buttons, old pins (remove pin back), old photos (make copies), plain paper
3. glitter, embossing powder (opt)
4. stamps and stamp pads
5. scissors, paper cutter (opt)
6. circle cutter..(opt)
7. markers, pens
8. Happy Tape….colorful tape to use in your tag design
9. hole punch

1. find a tag pattern, or make your own.  Using construction paper or solid color scrapbook paper, make a rectangle the size you desire and snip the top corners off.  Punch a hole in the center top and you are ready to start.  You can also purchase blank tags in craft or scrapbook stores.
2. If you have a circle cutter, you can cut circles from magazines, catalogs, solid color paper or patterned paper.  These are for the small tag with TO: and FROM: on it.  I made them double sided, as I used magazine paper for color on the front.  I backed it with a solid color so my writing would be legible.  This is an option.  You may just want to make the rectangular tag.
3. You can cut pieces of magazines and catalogs that have the colors you desire.  I quickly went through catalogs and cut out blankets, quilts, tablecloths, etc.  Then later I cut them to size.
4. Now the fun begins: use your creativity to combine magazine/catalog clippings, paper, old cards, ribbon, and anything you can find to make the tags your own.

tags using catalog clippings, handmade paper, stickers, scrapbook paper

catalog clippings, Happy Tape, scrapbook paper, buttons

scrapbook paper, catalog clippings, stickers

Happy Tape (2 kinds/one over the other), scrapbook paper, sticker

Click here for the Happy Tape link.  (ps….check out the sale page.  Great deals!)
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How about a Red Pepper Holiday?

Hello readers!

I have been in Chicago for a few days.  I hope to post some photos very soon of Michigan Avenue (the Miracle Mile of stores!).  I love this area at Christmastime, because all the trees in front of the stores are lit with white lights.  It’s really lovely.

Tonight’s post: How about a Red Pepper Holiday?  Last winter when I was in New Mexico I bought a ristra.   A ristra a way to dry peppers for cooking.  The people who sell them usually tie them together and make a wreath or a long string of peppers.  Now they have become so popular for decorations, that many people just hang them inside or outside their homes.  You have to admit that bright red color is beautiful.  If you aren’t going to eat them, they spray it with a clear glossy coat that enhances the color.


I like a little spice, but not a lot.  I prefer my spice on the wall or the door!!  Not in my food!! 😉

On Pinterest one day I noticed a photo of a ristra wreath with a holiday ribbon on it.  I liked the idea so well,  I changed up mine with a Christmas ribbon too.

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Wreath Makeover~

Good evening blog readers~
I have a makeover for you tonight!  Rats.  I wish it was MY makeover!  Alas….I have an old faux evergreen holiday wreath I’ve used for 10 years and it’s getting pretty sad looking.   It needed a “tune up”.  I have the before and after photos to show you.

I like a simple wreath.  I could do without the ribbon even!  If you want a new wreath this year….consider making one, or giving an old one a makeover.  It is very easy.  The one I have is very large, about 24″ in diameter.  A smaller wreath would work well and would be easier to cover.   Consider using one color and an odd number of objects.  I think one color stands out nicely against the green background color of the wreath.   Use your imagination!  Craft stores, discount stores and dollar stores are full of items you can use for a wreath.

Perhaps you like bells, traditional round ornaments,  hearts, angels, or candy canes….whatever you like, gather an odd number and use wire to attach it to the wreath.  I use green 24 gauge wire.  It’s easy to twist and anchor, and I need just a small pair of wire cutters for it.  You can use string, ribbon or twist ties too.

I found ribbon in the color of the ornaments and wrapped it loosely around the wreath.  I wish I could make a bow like my friend does.  I want to have her do a tutorial on here for you sometime!  I can tie a regular bow….but fancy ones are beyond me!

The old wreath……

The wreath after its makeover…..  😉

A bonus: I can use this wreath all winter.

Enjoy making your wreath….or giving an old one a new look!
And thanks so much for dropping in to visit~