the Cloud Quilt~


Warm and fluffy, deep and puffy,
Sometimes a blanket just won’t do.

Snuggle under my soft thick cover,
And have yourself a rest.

My designs excite, my hues delight,
You’ll sleep well tonight~

Under me.


Sweet dreams, everyone~

Budget Idea #3~ Covering a large wall space

Hello dear readers~
When we moved into our home, we really didn’t have a lot of money left to decorate it.   I sewed some curtains and other items.  Believe me, my sewing expertise is limited to straight seams.  I’ll bet I would be a fantastic pillowcase maker!   Anything I did was easy, but somehow it turned out fine.

I had one trouble spot, however.  Above our bed we have a large wall with a tall ceiling.  We could not afford to purchase a painting or framed print, so I had to get creative.  I happen to love the home decorator fabrics at the fabric stores.   They are used for draperies, upholstery, and bedspreads, and have a nice weight to them.
I found a printed material that matched the color in our duvet.  I also found a solid color for a “band or frame” around the outside of the printed material.  *See photo.
Once I made a hem all the way around it, I hung it with cafe rings from a curtain rod.  (the “frame” was attached like a silky binding on a blanket)
Simple~ and it solved the problem!

I’ve also used small, throw-sized quilts in the same way….hanging them with café rings from a curtain rod.   That’s the no-sew version!!

Thanks for visiting!