Make Antique Button Earrings

I don’t have a photo to go along with this craft, but when you follow the link and go to the website below you’ll get the directions and see the photos.  Thanks to Life Through the Lens for the idea.
All you need are buttons with a shank on the back.  The directions tell you how to remove the shank and add a post and back.  It’s very simple.  So simple I wish I’d thought of it myself!
With all the different buttons available (new or antique), you can imagine the variety of styles you can craft.   These will make great gifts too!  Good luck!

Click here for the tutorial on Life Through the Lens.  

**(“Vintage Earrings Tutorial and Giveaway” ….Giveaway has ended)


Gallery Shelving (repost from Oct. 8)

NOTE: I am reposting this from Oct. 8th as my photos did not display on the site at that time.  It’s not very interesting if you can’t see what I’m talking about!  I apologize for the mess-up with the photos.  Giving it a go again~~~~!

I have a personal preference for gallery shelves for photos.   I really don’t care to patch holes in my walls every time I want to change photographs or prints around!

Gallery shelves come in all sorts of sizes, prices and styles.  On deeper shelves where I can overlap the frames a bit, I can triple the number of photos I could normally get in the same space by hanging them individually on a wall.   They are also easily rearranged.  And that is something I love to do!

The sleek, modern shelves are from IKEA.  They have an edge to prevent photos from slipping off, and as you can see,  photos can be overlapped.  The next pictures show moldings from a Victorian house that I found in an antique-salvage shop.   I sanded and painted them off-white.  I added ceramic bath/kitchen door knobs with hot glue that will hold lightweight items.  The knobs hide the screws needed to hold the shelves to the wall. The moldings are not deep enough to overlap pictures, but I’ve never had a framed photograph fall off.   The first photo gives an idea of the depth of the antique moldings.

You can use real Victorian door knobs instead of the small ones like I used, but they will need to be screwed in.

TIP #1: > If you use real Victorian door knobs on the molding you could also make a great looking coat hook.<

TIP #2: On the IKEA shelves, I have all black frames.  This gives a uniform look to the antique photographs, and makes the photos themselves stand out.   I started out with silver frames for the antique molding display but couldn’t keep up with that “color”.   So I have a mismatch of frames!  Ah…some day….!