Weekly Sunday Post: Expression

The Holocaust Memorial in New Orleans is an expression of Remembrance for those who died during the Holocaust, and for those who survived those horrific years.
It is also an expression of our need to be vigilant  in opposing the destructive actions of intolerance, hatred, bigotry and abuse,  whenever and wherever they occur.

The Holocaust Memorial is a beautiful sculpture that sits alongside the Mississippi River in downtown New Orleans.   The sculpture was designed by Yaacov Agam.  “The memorial is in memory of the six million European Jews and millions of other victims who were tortured and murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators from 1933-1944.”
The memorial consists of nine panels and a circular path around them.   The panels are motionless. Each panel has a different design.  When one walks slowly around the path, viewing the sculpture from different angles, the designs on the panels form different, distinct images.


The Yellow Star of David.   “Persecution and humiliation of the Jews by their Nazi tormentors.”


“This chaotic view expresses human misery and absence of empathy and religious and moral values, including reverence for life itself.”


“Out of the color of Hope, appears, in all its majestic colors, a Sacred Menorah, symbolizing the faithfulness and spiritual values of the Jewish people.  The Menorah here is represented by a rainbow and a reverse rainbow.”

*Info and quotes from the New Orleans Holocaust Memorial site.  Click here for more information.

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