Tag! I’m it! And you can be tagged too!

TAG!  I’M IT!  AND YOU CAN BE TAGGED TOO!  This is a DIY TAG GAME!   I changed up the rules because I just gave out a lot of Awards, and I really don’t want to name people for Tag.

So here’s how it works: If you want to play:
1. answer my questions at the end of this post
2. post them on your blog
3. link your blog in my comments if you want

I was recently tagged by two people.  Andy1076 and Amira, thank you both!

Andy1076 Questions for me:  and my answers

1) What’s the one thing you have yet to tell your readers?   We had a Miniature Schnauzer for a pet.

2) If there was anywhere outside of your country you could be, where would it be?  France

3) Who do you wish you could meet in person out of all the blogs that you follow?  I honestly would be happy to meet any of them.

4) What would be your ideal kind of partner?  Kind, sense of humor, romantic, adventurous, best friend, does chores 😉

5) If you had to do one thing in your life you never imagined you would, what would it be? ride the Iron Dragon @ Cedar Pointe. eek!

6) Why did you name your blog the name you named? (Borrowing this from Cafe)  my initials are J.J., thus my nickname “jay jay”; the blog is about my favorite things.

7) Describe yourself in three words (Borrowing this from Aurora)  creative, helpful, friendly

8) What is the one thing you would never sacrifice no matter what you would get in return?  my family

9) If there was one movie to describe your life’s hope, what would it be?  This movie epitomizes Hope. I loved it.> “Red Tails”, the Tuskegee Airmen.

10) What is your strongest trait?  Dedication

11) If you could only choose one fruit or one vegetable on a deserted island, what would it be?  Clementines!  Oh my darlin’ Clementine…. 😉


Amira’s Questions...  and my answers.
  1. Jam or marmalade? What do you pick?  Jam.
  2. Where is your home?  Lower Michigan
  3. What does blogging mean to you?  Blogging gives me a chance to try new things and meet new people.
  4. What words would your tombstone carry about you?  “Sadly, She Died By Not Forwarding That Text Message to Ten People”
  5. What’s your favorite gift?  Anything that doesn’t need an outlet. 😉
  6. What’s your favorite non-english word? “oui” French for yes. Pronounced “wee”/also: I “speak” sign language: I sign “I love you” to my children and husband when they leave. (thumb, index finger and pinky pointed up).
  7. What’s the one word or phrase that you use most often?   Cool!
  8. What’s the wildest thing that you have ever done?   white water rafting on the Snake River, WY.
  9. What’s your best accomplishment/moment of triumph?  Raising two wonderful children. (along with my husband!)
  10. What is the one regret that u have?  Missed an opportunity to go to Europe many years before I actually did go.
  11. Something that scares you?  Snakes.
My Questions to YOU….if you want to play:       DIY TAGGING!!

1.  What is your favorite color?
2.  Do you prefer a pool or open water?
3,  What is your favorite song?
4.  Where do you feel most at peace?
5.  If you could take only one item to an island, what would it be?
6.  What scares you?
7.   Do you prefer the mountains or the beach?
8.  What is your favorite pizza topping?
9.  Name a place you’d like to visit~
10.  Name an Actor or Actress to play your life in a movie.

11.  What was the last book you read/or are reading?

Happy Blogging!

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