2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: LOVE ❤


 Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart.  ❤     ~Lamartine    

Good night friends!

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We didn’t do anything!

Just about every year we have a set of twin fawns prancing, galloping and eating their way through our yard.  They ARE so cute!  But, just like with their adult counterparts, I really don’t like them eating the plants!  

It is so much fun to watch them.  I’ll see them when I pull in the driveway, and put the car in park.  They are unafraid of anything at this young age.  They will dance and run around the car, chasing each other!  They stop to look at me in the window and then take off after each other again!  It’s like having a couple of young children running around!

When I took this photo, my husband and I were both outside working in the garden.  All of a sudden they were near us.  I got my camera and they came closer.  They were about 15 feet from me when I snapped the shutter.  I think they have the look on their faces like: “WHO US?  NAW.  We didn’t do it!  We didn’t chew the plants!”  Soon their mom “called” and they ran off into the woods, white tails bouncing behind them, and were gone until the next time.