Crazy for Daisies!

Daisies seem to have such intricate petals for a small flower.  Through my macro lens, the petals always appear like soft fabric to me.  They have pleats and folds.  They drape like the most luxurious satin.  

And yet, the daisy is still our simple, well-known flower.  A flower that cheers with its bright button face,  tells if someone loves us, and is a very resilient against the forces of nature. 

Daisies are like sunshine to the ground. ~Drew Barrymore

Daisy~ with bright yellow Forsythia glowing in the background.

An abstract view of daisy petals.

Daisy "face"!

I called this one "Diamond Daisy". The center sparkles in the light, and the daisy takes on the look of a vintage pin.

Another daisy...

The petals fascinate me!

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