Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Nature

Definition for the word NATURE:  the external world in its entirety; natural scenery, (amongst others).
via Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

In Glacier National Park, Avalanche Falls spills beautiful turquoise water from high in the mountains.  The turquoise color comes from glacial silt or rock flour.  Glacial water has tiny bits of rock and minerals (rock flour) that are suspended in the water from the grinding action of the glacier.  The rock flour reflects the green spectrum of sunlight, so the water appears green or green-blue.  

Glacier National Park's Avalanche Falls slips through craggy rocks on its way to the bottom. Nature was impacted by the strength of the falls, as it cut through the rocks. The rocks have changed shape and texture, giving way to the power of the water.

Waterton Peace Park in Canada is home to Chutes Blackiston or Blackiston Falls.  Once again, nature has created a space by the forces of water.  The water in Blackiston Falls splashes noisily as it careens around two corners in its search for the peaceful, turquoise pool at the bottom.  In this case,  perhaps the water was not strong enough to go through the huge rock near the end, so a turn through an easier path was made.  Whatever the case, it is a beautiful sight and sound to behold.

At Waterton Peace Park in Canada, Chutes Blackiston, or Blackiston Falls, churn around a corner and fall dramatically into a turquoise pool.

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