Craft~Snowman Pin

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Today I have the directions for a snowman pin you can make.  It’s easy to do, in fact, my kindergartners used to help make them as presents for parents.  This is a good craft activity for those in any age group.  It also makes a great gift for someone.


I just have one caution: if a child is doing the project, I’d make sure an adult uses the hot glue gun for safety reasons.  ** However…you may know of a great glue to use instead of hot glue.  If so, let me know!
Snowman Pin 
Materials Needed:
1. Two white buttons, one smaller than the other. Both buttons must have TWO holes only.
2. A piece of tagboard or white felt, as long as your pin needs to be, or long enough to cover where the two buttons come together.  (the snowman’s “neck”!)
3. A piece of black felt, cut in the shape of a hat.
4. a pin …..the kind with a flat back
5. a short piece of pipe stem…red or green.
6. hot glue gun, scissors.

See materials below:


1. The head of the snowman should have his button hole “eyes” horizontal, and the body should have the button holes in a vertical position for “buttons”.
2. Flip the two buttons over so you can work on the back.  Use the tagboard or white felt rectangle to bridge the two buttons together across the snowman’s “neck”.   Hot glue the tag/felt to the back of the two buttons, approximately in the middle.  Let that cool.
3. Hot glue the pin over the tagboard or felt piece.  The opening of the pin can be either at the top or bottom….it’s your choice.   Let it cool.
4. Take the pipe stem and wrap it around the snowman’s neck (it will have to go through the pin in back).  Twist the stem a couple of times and then separate the ends, so it looks like a scarf blowing in the wind.
5. Cut a hat shape out of the black felt and glue it on the snowman’s head.
Woo hoo….You’re done!

As with anything else, you can change this to make it your own…have fun and be creative!

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Make Antique Button Earrings

I don’t have a photo to go along with this craft, but when you follow the link and go to the website below you’ll get the directions and see the photos.  Thanks to Life Through the Lens for the idea.
All you need are buttons with a shank on the back.  The directions tell you how to remove the shank and add a post and back.  It’s very simple.  So simple I wish I’d thought of it myself!
With all the different buttons available (new or antique), you can imagine the variety of styles you can craft.   These will make great gifts too!  Good luck!

Click here for the tutorial on Life Through the Lens.  

**(“Vintage Earrings Tutorial and Giveaway” ….Giveaway has ended)


Crocheted Button Necklace

I don’t know how to crochet, but I made this crocheted button necklace under the close tutelage of our local craft shop owner many years ago.  I could not think of the directions to tell you, so I searched on the web to find some.  (addresses below)  This necklace can be made with any color/kind of button.

I prefer old or antique ivory buttons, but modern looking buttons would make a nice statement.  Glass, metal, or Bakelite buttons would be cool too.  You can make a choker with one single row of crochet and buttons, or you can make the loops with buttons so they dangle.  This is another craft where you can be the designer.  If the directions (links) below don’t work for you, just Google “crocheted button necklace” and find some that do!

Link 1~

Link 2~

And thanks to Nancy, my tutor, & her store: