Crocheted Button Necklace

I don’t know how to crochet, but I made this crocheted button necklace under the close tutelage of our local craft shop owner many years ago.  I could not think of the directions to tell you, so I searched on the web to find some.  (addresses below)  This necklace can be made with any color/kind of button.

I prefer old or antique ivory buttons, but modern looking buttons would make a nice statement.  Glass, metal, or Bakelite buttons would be cool too.  You can make a choker with one single row of crochet and buttons, or you can make the loops with buttons so they dangle.  This is another craft where you can be the designer.  If the directions (links) below don’t work for you, just Google “crocheted button necklace” and find some that do!

Link 1~

Link 2~

And thanks to Nancy, my tutor, & her store: