Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Regret can also mean mourn, grieve, lament, bemoan or sorrow.  

I have chosen Michelangelo’s sculpture “The Florence Pieta”, also known as “The Deposition of Christ”, and “The Lamentation over the Dead Christ”.    Michelangelo intended this piece for his tomb in Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, but it was never finished.

The Florence Pieta

This sculpture shows Nicodemus as the hooded taller figure, Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary mourning the death of Jesus.   However, the face of Nicodemus under the hood is considered to be a self-portrait of Michelangelo, himself, in his 80’s.   Michelangelo worked on  this sculpture between 1547-1555, near the end of his life.   After working daily for eight years he smashed the sculpture.   There was an impurity in the marble that had not been noticed until then.   After abandoning the sculpture,  Michelangelo gave it to his servant, who later sold it.  It was finished by Tiberio Calcagni who followed Michelangelo’s models.

The “Florence Pieta” is housed in Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Florence, Italy.    Michelangelo is buried in the Basilica de Santa Croce in Florence (the church of the cross), where he requested to be at the end of his life.  He was born in Tuscany and spent his life in Florence, a city he loved.

*Even though I have seen this sculpture and this is my photo, I used the sites below to make sure my information was correct.


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