Got Snickers? Here’s Dessert!

Hello readers~

We have far too many candy bars left in our house after the Hallowe’en rush.  I don’t need to eat them, and if they linger long enough on the counter…..I will!  Here’s a great way to use up some of the candy you may have left over.  Of course, it means I’m eating it…..but it is tasty!

All you need for this dessert is: chopped Snicker candy bars and peeled, sliced or chopped apples.  Bake it and…. OH…. if you’d like to top it with ice cream….add that, too!

Click here for the link to the recipe.   Thanks to Duckie-Do from ThriftyFun for the recipe.

**Another recipe for leftover Snickers is “Snicker Salad”.  That dish uses chopped Snickers, apples, and cool whip.  Click here for that recipe.   Thanks to for the recipe.

Note:  There are other Snicker Salad recipes that call for vanilla instant pudding and milk.
If you “Google” Snicker Salad,  you will find both recipes.

Enjoy digging out those leftover Snickers from your cache!

Fall Wreath

I made this wreath after I saw a similar one in a classy store.  That wreath had real apples on fresh greens and it was beautiful.  I’d love a wreath like that, but it isn’t practical for me.  I prefer something that will last, but still have the same basic appeal.  ooo…no pun there!

I bought a grapevine wreath, some inexpensive plastic fruit from a hobby/craft store, and some leafy greens.  A note here: faux fruit can be very pricey.  I passed up the section with individual, large fruit at $5.00 apiece, and scouted out smaller versions.  I also varied from the “all apple” inspiration and included small pumpkins, gourds, artichokes, etc.   Not only did that save me money, but it also gave me the “Fall” look I wanted.

Then, all I needed to do was assemble it with hot glue.  When making wreaths, I usually keep stems long and apply hot glue to the stem, then insert it into the grapevine wreath.  If I find I need more glue on the side or bottom, I’ll add more.  Adding greens to tuck in around the fruit helps to cover anything I want to hide.   There are times I need to use wire to attach items.  My wire of choice is green 24 gauge.

There are many ways to make a wreath like this “your own”.  You can add fall leaves, a bow, pine cones, sunflowers, raffia, or other items from nature.   You can use a different base wreath than a grapevine too.   Happy crafting!