We finally got enough snow last weekend for snowshoeing.   I was so excited to strap on my “shooz” !

My snowshoes and me trekking through the woods.

The snow was not as deep or as fluffy as I’d like, but I figured this might be my only chance this year!

A beautiful day in the woods...

It was a lovely day to be out.  It was so peaceful. The only sound I heard was the swoosh, swoosh of my snowshoes, and the occasional bird call.

Animal tracks.

Lots of animal tracks criss-cross our yard in the snow.  Deer, rabbits, squirrels and turkeys are the most common ones.

The end of a nice walk.....

Now that I’ve enjoyed winter, and finally used my snowshoes….there’s just one more thing I want to do!

Beach babe!

Time to hit the Beach!  😉

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