Loess Hills

While visiting the kids in Omaha we took a short trip to the Loess Hills in  Western Iowa.  It was a short trip from Omaha, NE.  Council Bluffs, IA, is actually located in the Loess Hills.

The Loess Hills is a geographical area of porous, gritty, lightweight material and minerals covered by grasses, trees and plants.  Loess (pronounced “luss”) is not unusual, but what makes this area in Iowa so important, is because of the depth of the loess material.  The only other area that has loess of this depth and more can be found in China. 

On this trip, we visited the Hitchcock Nature Center in the Loess Hills.  The nature center is a wonderful place to learn about raptors and other birds of the area. There are many hiking trails around the center and an observation tower makes a good place to watch for the birds, too.

Loess Hills

bird watchers!

** click for a larger image.

Even though it was November, there was a lot to see. Grasses glowed with golden hues,  bare-branched trees reached toward the sky,  hills showed off their rounded or angular shapes, and the occasional bird soared by.

We did see an eagle on our hike, but I missed it with my camera!

To learn more about the Loess Hills, click here.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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36 thoughts on “Loess Hills

    • Kate…I just went to visit you at your blog. I’ve missed you! I’ve been a terrible blog friend. I have to get better at getting around to visit more. Been such a busy summer and fall!
      Most important…thank you so much for this award! I must read up on it, as I’m obviously not familiar with it!
      I’m so honored. Thank you, dear friend, for this wonderful honor. Hope you had a great holiday. Hugs…

    • Hi Amira….thank you! The lines are from jet planes. They’re called jet “contrails”. It’s condensation or water vapor from the exhaust of jet engines. (there’s more to it than that however!) They’re pretty criss-crossing the sky, and sometimes disappear in seconds…and other times last longer, fanning-out and making wider cloud-like images.

  1. What a beautiful landscape, your first photo is so beautiful ! The grey branches and the golden grasses mix perfectly well and gives the scene a serene feel. It’s a great photo Judy !

    • Yes.. that’s what made the sky so interesting. Thank you so much, Jim!
      Actually, I’m not sure, but they could be flights between Denver,Colorado, on toward Chicago….they are all sort of in a line. (but don’t ask me to navigate with a map!)

    • Hi Adri! Yes, Thanksgiving was great, thank you! And Christmas is coming very quickly! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in nearly a month. I wasn’t feeling well, then took a trip to NYC. And getting ready for the holidays caught up with me. Time flew by! Thanks for stopping by!

      • I hope you are feeling better Judy! I haven’t posted in a while either, I miss my blog, I will post something this week! I would love to go to NY city during Christmas 🙂 have a nice weekend! Happy New Year 😀

      • I had the flu and then I get nasty migraines. But all is well. I miss everyone here so much! So nice of you to send me wishes! Thanks, Adri! Wishing you the best year ever!

  2. Hi Judy,

    Thank you for sharing the photos. Happy New Year to you. May 2013 bring you more love, happiness, and success. Many blessings and much love to you.. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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