Inspiring Blogger Award ~ fighting Domestic Violence

I was just nominated for the Inspiring Blogger Award by Prego and the Loon.  Thank you so much for bestowing this award upon me, Prego and the Loon.  I am truly honored and humbled that you chose me amongst the many fine people who comment on your blog, and those who are also nominated for this award.

You are not alone.

Prego and the Loon’s blog tells the story of her horrific life with domestic violence at the hands of her ex-husband.  She recounts her stories in beautifully written prose; the most frightening events, the fear, the haunting memories, the worries for her life and her son’s, the “what if’s”, the never ending terror, her efforts to straighten out records, and her recovery.
Please seek out Prego and the Loon’s blog.  You will read about a a strong woman who broke loose of the horrifying life she was in. You will learn more about domestic abuse,  and books that helped her begin a new life. If you are a victim of domestic violence yourself, please visit her blog.  Reading her words can help you gain the strength to break loose, too.

I also suggest this post by Purposefully Scarred: “Domestic Violence: Resources Reaching Around the World”  Purposefully Scarred is an excellent blog, dealing with raising awareness for survivors of (all kinds of) abuse.  There are lots of great resources here too.


To those who suffer from abuse of any type: You are not alone. There are people to support and help you everywhere, even people you do not know yet.  Take a chance.  Knock on a door.  Reach out to another blogger, pick up the phone and call a number in your community, speak to a friend who will help you, a pastor, a counselor, a doctor or nurse.  If the first person doesn’t work out, try another one.  Don’t give up.

We need to spread the word about Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and all other forms of abuse, until people no longer have to deal with such atrocities.  When our fellow human beings are suffering from abuse and its accompanying elements: fear, stress, threats, nightmares, depression, terror, injuries, death, etc, it should be our top priority to help and support them, and then work to rid the world of it.

Let’s work together to help people live happy lives, fulfilling their dreams.

Thanks for reading.


11 thoughts on “Inspiring Blogger Award ~ fighting Domestic Violence

  1. Very meaningful post. It is unfortunately such a huge problem, and victims need to know that there is help out there – if they want it, that is.
    Congrats on the award! 🙂

    • Thank you, zelmare. It is a huge problem. That’s why I am spreading the word. Even if we touch one person and encourage them to leave an abusive situation, it’s worth it.
      I’m sure you are busy busy busy. I don’t know the date of the wedding, just that it’s at the end of November! Coming soon! 😉 I’m thinking of you!

  2. Domestic violence is one of those nasty creatures that can camouflage itself in goodness. The abused often times end up believing the abuse was caused by the self – something that s/he he did, ending up provoking the abuse. And many a times the abused is rejected by the society …
    We need to work together 🙂

    • You are so right, Amira. That’s why the abused often stays, because she or he believes they are at fault. We do need to combine all our hands in support. Thanks for lending your support to my post.

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